What are you going to give your users this Christmas?

Paul Boag

It is easy to take your users for granted. That is a dangerous road indeed.

Your users can play many roles:

  • They are your paying customers.
  • They can promote your website to others.
  • They can often provide support to others who are having difficulties with your products or services.
  • They can suggest improvements to your offering.
  • They are your community that supports you online.

Ultimately without users, your online presence is nothing!

With that in mind, what are you going to do to say thank-you to them this Christmas?

Adding some snow to your site is not a thank-you. A thinly veiled attempt to sell them more by offering a ‘Christmas discount’ is not saying thank-you.

This Christmas really show your users you appreciate them. It will go a long way.

I certainly appreciate the boagworld community. You guys promote my business, enthuse about my writing and help me whenever I ask.

Without you I wouldn’t get to speak around the world, have a successful web design business or get to write books.

With that in mind I would like to give you a present. I would like to give you a PDF version of the Website Owners Manual free of charge. No catch, no hidden benefit to me, just my book… free.

Enjoy and happy Christmas.

Download the Website Owners Manual for free