When is the best time to reach your audience?

If you are a website owner I hope you already have an editorial calendar to ensure you communicate with your audience regularly.

Consistant communication is the only way to build an audience. However, when is the best time to communicate with that audience? Are they more likely to read your posts if released on a friday or a tuesday? What about time of day? Which is better lunchtime or early evening?

It’s time to find out.

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  • Rob Stangroom

    I know the answer to this!!! From experience. Its Tuesday!!

  • Thank you Paul. What are the tools that we can use (at the beginning of podcast you mentioned you will point out some tools that facilitate this for us) 

  • Anonymous

    Are their any other way to create an editorial calendar if you are not using wordpress. I we talking about a simple calendar with post title and hold off posting them until a specific time or …

    • Anonymous

      To be honest I suggest just using something like Google Calendar. You could equally use a pen and paper!