Increase Conversion Without Alienating Users

A Video Masterclass

How to Improve Conversion Without Alienating Your Users

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Every website seeks to encourage visitors to do something, whether it is placing an order, make a donation or signup to a mailing list. But how do you do that without alienating users? After all, we now live in a world where one disgruntled customer can destroy a brand. This video masterclass will teach you the secrets.

Is This a Sensible Approach?

Your conversion rates suck and you don’t know how to fix the problem.

You waste hours searching through website for answers, picking through dozens of articles.

You spend even more time implementing the different approaches, only to discover they don’t work.

When nothing works you return to Google hoping that this time things will be different and you will find the magic solution.

Stop wasting time looking for answers online. Enrol on a course that teaches all you need to know in one place.


I’ve never taken home so much knowledge from a one day course before. Paul was an excellent trainer, full of knowledge and keen to learn about my business so as to make the session as useful as possible. Highly recommended. Alex Summer, John Greed Jewellery

Master the foundations of conversion optimisation.

  • Preview An introduction to encouraging action. (3:19)
  • Preview Ensure you measure the right metrics. (9:45)
  • Preview Boost conversion with quality traffic. (6:04)

A world class trainer.

Paul Boag is a user experience consultant, author and speaker who has advised some of the world’s leadings organisations.

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Paul is one of the smartest, most passionate, most generous people I know in the web / online industry. He is truly committed to helping organizations become simpler and more customer-centric. Gerry McGovern

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