A student mobile survey

I have been looking over some stats recently and it is becoming increasingly clear that there are patterns of behavior emerging  for the use of different types of mobile device online. Android users don’t seem to be downloading and paying for apps, or surfing the web on their device. And, quite surprisingly, iPad users are much more active online, despite the large number of extra Android devices out in the wild.

As widely predicted Windows Phone is gaining some traction but iPhone is still the most desired. The stats in this survey come from a typical city center college. While this snap shot is just a small sample they could indicate quite far reaching implications for the future of the mobile web.
iDevices are used online. Androids are not. 

  • Interesting how different the figures are for a Univeristy (Cardiff) in John Greenaway’s first comment. Clearly there’s more information required on user behaviour before we can let this influence an approach.

    I am surprised about the Android surfing habits at the college, I wonder if available college Wi-Fi or data plans are a stronger factor? It would be good to know if these web visitors are on or off campus.

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