Adobe Creative Week 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was ask to take part in the live ‘Internet TV’ debate at Adobe Creative Week 2012. The overriding subject was; should people in the industry be a ‘Jack of all trades’ or a ‘Master of one?’ The debate meandered though the waters of mobile web, apps and strategy as well as some old nuggets such as ‘are designers born creative?’

It was a great session to be a part of with interaction from the studio audience as well as those watching online, via twitter. If you missed it, you can watch it below.

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  • This seems to be a screencap from some other video service, Vimeo perhaps? The framerate suffers a bit, maybe the original link could be posted.

    • You can find the original embed here []. This is a recording of the whole day. My bit is at the beginning.

      We screen flowed it so we could isolate the relevant part of the show, and also because we are not sure how long this original embed will be live.

      Hope that help.