Do I need an app for that?

Having a mobile application seems all the rage these days, but is it right for your business?

In this presentation for Learnable I explore the pros and cons of building a native mobile app. I looks at the alternatives and provides advice on choosing the right way to go.

I have recently started working with the guys over at Learnable. My first video for them asks a simple question – Do I need an app for that?

If you prefer to read instead of watch, I have written an article for Sitepoint that covers very similar content.

  • Andy Kinsey

    Nice Post. My view is that actually you don’t need a mobile app, you need a responsive website that acts like an app. Then if you really want to make that an app it’s fairly simple to stick some code in (for android easy html) and use the app as a frame to the website, or if you desire a mobile website. If you want to get flashy then although not amazing both android and iOS support html5 so knock yourself out. :)

  • Para Friv

    Information technology is not really my field of interest, the article has left me with many interesting things. Really thank you.