Google makes a rookie mistake on the iPad version of gmail


One of the most important rules of mobile web app development is that you shouldn’t give the user an inferior experience. Wherever possible they should have the same functionality as on a desktop. Where this is not feasible you should at least allow them to switch back to the desktop experience.

Google gets this right on the iPhone, which allows users switch to the desktop version in order to manage labels and filters. However strangely they do not provide this option for the iPad. This is particularly weird as it would be easier to use the desktop version on the iPad than the iPhone.

This kind of inconsistency and lack of attention to detail really frustrates me.

  • jardinec

    I have ‘suffered’ from this same annoyance. If anyone knows of a nice work-around it would be great to hear it. The dumbed down ipad interface is frankly not good enough. Nice post.

  • Jamon Holmgren

    They must assume that people use the built-in Mail app. But that’s still not an excuse.