GoMo: Google pushes mobile

Although a lot of people have criticised Google for the way they have implemented GoMo, they have at least put forward a good case for creating a mobile website. Best of all they have done so in a language that website owners can appreciate. Personally I am not fussed whether it is the best implementation in the world. Its the message that really matters.

  • Redardless of the quality of the message, they should practise what they preach. It’s hardly a mobile optimised site — the URL field for mobile site testing isn’t type=URL, for a start. This is supported by almost all smartphones and tablets. On my iPad, once I had ‘zoomed in’ to the mobile view of my personal site (which looked great IISSM), I could not zoom out again.

    I think it’s a pretty rubbish site that spreads a watered down version of the things other people are saying. I’d rather google pushed responsive design. It makes so much more sense than a ‘mobile version’ for lost everything apart from web apps.