Learning about the mobile web

Paul Boag

Where should you start with regards to the Mobile Web?

If you are a web designer who doesn’t have experience building for the mobile web, you are at a distinct disadvantage these days. Equally, if you are a website owner whose site is not optimised for mobile devices, visitor levels will soon decline.

There is so much material on the mobile web it is easy to feel overwhelmed. As Amanda asks; “where do you start?”

Consider users of the mobile web

As Cyndy suggested on Twitter, you might want to start by taking a step back and thinking about who your users are and what they want.

The mobile web is about content first

When you actually come to build for the mobile web, the fundamental starting point has to be the content as Mark points out:

Understanding the options

With a clear idea of who your audience is and what content you wish to communicate, the next step is to consider the different options available to you. For that I recommend reading my own post on your four mobile options:

Read about your mobile options

Learning about the mobile web

If after reading about the options, you decide that a website is the right approach then it is time to delve into how to make that happen. There are no end of resources but here were the top suggestions from Twitter.

So there you go Amanda. Hopefully that gives you some idea of where to begin your journey. If that all leaves you confused, you can always hire a web design agency to do the work for you ;-)