Do you think the future is in apps and next gen devices, and not the web?

Do you think the future is in apps and next gen devices, and not the web?

What a strange question to ask a web designer, I wonder what I might say!

Actually as you will hear in the video, my answer is that there is a place for both. As Headscape’s Rob Borley explained at this years IWMW talk, both native apps and the web have a role to play.

This is also something I have been thinking about in a recent article I wrote for Smashing Magazine.

In short this is something people have tried to turn into a battle between native and web. It simply isn’t and we shouldn’t paint it as such.

  • The issue with mobile website not being available offline could be improved if you could mark a webpage as “read later”. AKA saving a flat HTML version which could be viewable without internet connection.

  • I think that the use of the Camera and the Gyrometer/accelerator should be supported by the web browsers in the future.

    And I do agree with you Paul, I also think that native and web applications should work hand in hand, and if you got a content based application we could take use of HTML5’s local storage to download content into the local application. Like they were bridged togheter.
    Task-based applications; in my view of point, can’t be placed on just one of those two options before you’ve decided what the application does. I think when the application strategy is developed; that is when you should decide weither it’s supposed to be a web or a native application – because some tasks could be web based and some on the other hand could be ment for the native part of the smart phone.
    There is many questions and challenges when it comes to smart phone applications, but hey – that’s what makes it fun! :)