Should we wait for Windows?

Whether or not there is a consumer tablet market at all, beyond the iPad, is still up for debate but in enterprise Microsoft is still a powerhouse. With the decline of RIM and the inability of Android to gain any serious traction I have long been an advocate of the rise of Windows in the mobile space. However, they do seem to be leaving it a little late.

iPad for enterprise is a call which is being raised with increased vigour and so the question needs to be asked; is apple about to take over the enterprise space?
This is an interesting short article on the wait for the Windows.

  • Richard

    The tablet market seems to be going the same way as it did with phones. Initial slow adoption for a year, then a crazy acceleration curve. Android accounted for 39% of tablets vs 58% for iPad last quarter. Most of that 39% is shared between Samsung and Amazon it seems.

    • Jon Butler

      Thanks for including those stats — when I hear someone say “the inability of Android to gain any serious traction” it makes me wonder if it’s a local concern, because here in the States the rise of Android tablets is happening quite quickly.

      With that said, the iPad has an enormous way to go before serious adoption in enterprises, mainly because of incredibly poor integration and security features. The support for Exchange ActiveSync alone is buggy enough to make most support folks despise it with a passion (as does my employer, a Fortune 75 company with 100k employees) and the poor security/encryption support makes it an almost certain no-no for the time being for many American companies.

  • Why isn’t anyone questioning the market for tablets, especially in enterprise, with Ultrabooks now popping up from every manufacturer. Do Tabs & Pads really have a future with these so called Ultrabooks packing so much more power with the same kind of form factor.

    Sure a.t.m. a Tab is smoother in some ways, but when the classic flip tablet makes a return, like Lenovo’s Idepad Yoga, won’t enterprise users prefer this kind of machine over an ordinary pad any day? I would!

  • i’ll wait for Apple to do a dual boot option, then bite their hand off – need Win for work, but love simplicity and usability of IOS for getting things done and entertainment…