100th show is in the can

Paul Boag

Saturday night we recorded the 100th episode of Boagworld and an excellent evening it was too.

100 episodes of Boagworld. Its hard to believe. What started as a little side project has turned into a major part of my job. It demonstrates just how important time to ‘play’ is in this industry no matter how small your company. I really want to thank Marcus and Chris for their willingness to let me experiment with new stuff and I am glad to say that it has paid dividends in the case of the podcast, which is now one of our primary ways of attracting business.

However, although the business benefits of the show are encouraging they are nothing compared to the excitement I have felt watching a community grow up around Boagworld. I think what overwhelms me the most is not the size of the community (which in the grand scheme of things is tiny) but the quality of people who are involved. I have never participated in a community where there was so little flaming or bitching. Everybody I have ever met associated with the show have been helpful and encouraging.

Take for example the group that turned up to the recording of our 100th episode. For a start I was impressed they even came. With the combination of the rugby and the tube closures it was incredibly anybody was there. However, what was even more amazing was the lengths they went to…

  • There was Yaniv who had travelled all the way from Belgium to be at the recording. Not only that but he had come bearing Belgium chocolates for everybody to share.
  • There was Jamie Knight who suffers from a serious case of aspergers who braved London and the crowds to be with us.
  • There was Jamie’s friend Alan who came along with him and entertained him all weekend.
  • There was Anna, a sixth form student from Harfordshire who not only travelled down by herself but turned up with a 100th episode cake.
  • There was Ryan and Paul who had both travelled down from Leeds for the evening and adopted, Anna making sure she was made to feel welcome.

I could go on but I am sure you get the idea. The sense of community was overwhelming and just so encouraging. Add to this the endless stream of emails I have been receiving as well as the great guys over in the forum and I certainly feel re-energised to continue with the show.

I see a lot written about the The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory but that has certainly not been my experience of working with online communities. You guys have been a constant source of encouragement and I want to thank you for it.