200th Boagworld Live!

Welcome to the 200th episode of Boagworld.com, a 12 hour marathon starting at 10AM (GMT) on Friday 12th February.

200 shows. Who would have thought back in August 2005 we would still be going almost 5 years later? I certainly didn’t. However here we are, and I hope you will join us for at least part of this special show.

The show is now over! However there will be a ‘one hour version’ of the show out next friday. We will also be releasing the individual interviews over the coming weeks.

200th show

The plan

To say we have a plan is probably too strong a word. However we do have a rough outline for the day. Below are our initial thoughts that might help you decide when to tune in. However, please note that this could easily go out of the window in the first hour!

  • 10:00 – Welcome and general pointless banter
  • 10.30 – Rachel Andrew and Drew Mclellan
  • 11.30 – Elliot Jay Stocks
  • 12:00 – Jeremy Keith
  • 12:30 – Rachel Andrew and Drew Mclellan
  • 13:00 – Simon Collison
  • 14:00 – Christian Heilmann
  • 14:30 – Relly Annett Baker
  • 15:00 – Sarah Parmenter
  • 15:30 – Andy Clarke
  • 16:00 – Inayaili de Leon
  • 16:30 – Chris Mills
  • 17:00 – Jamie Rumbalow
  • 18:00 – Patrick O’Keefe
  • 18:30 – Andy Clarke
  • 19:30 – Christian Heilmann
  • 20:30 – Dan Rubin
  • 22:00 – Go to bed

Remember this lineup will change. However, it gives you an idea.

  • Currently catching about a second or two every 30-45 seconds. Is this my network or ustream’s fault? I hope the audio is being recorded!

  • Djenan Kozic

    Hi guys, I love the 12 hour marathon live show idea!

    Are you planning on releasing this through iTunes later?


  • lush

    damn, can’t open it from my office pc =/

  • Living in my self-centered world I completely forgot about the six hour time difference, so there goes the first half of the 12 hour marathon.

    But my IT guy has me on bandwidth lockdown anyway, so there goes the second half. (Pro tip: when your IT guy warns that bandwidth is at critical mass, don’t try to be funny by opening up 256kbps radio streams.)

    Paul, I know you said you wouldn’t post the whole 12 hours, but post the whole 12 hours! :)

  • Mel

    Loving the live show from America. Sad I can’t make the chat work here for some reason.

    • Wanyax

      If you were able to watch the video, you got the better half of the deal. Having the chat available to all was a privilege. Unfortunately some chose to abuse this privilege.

  • Just awesome work, thans a lot!!!

    • Being at work yesterday, I missed the entire podcast. Would you please make the 12-hour podcast/video available, either for free or at a decent price? I’m sure many of us who missed out would benefit from it.

      • We are going to release as much of the show as possible.

  • Superb show, never watched a live show like this before but it was pure inspiration. So many things I could personally relate to with regards to the CSS3 & HTML5, managing clients etc!

    Top work guys!

    • Just wanted to say thankyou to the BoagWorld team for putting on such a brilliant marathon show. Due to living in the sticks in the UK I have a poor internet connection but was able to watch a lot more than anticipated. I hardly ever work from home but worked from home on the Friday and was pleased when I found out that the live event was on the same day; it was a pure coincidence. My work was disrupted a little but hey, it was a Friday afternoon!

      Thanks again. I’ve never witnessed an internet event quite like it (maybe I just don’t get out much!).

  • Please do release as much as you can! Couldn’t make the live 12 hour marathon! Would be awesome to download and watch it in chunks when I get free time!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast – well done to all. Amazed that we can still benefit from so much hard work, and from so much collective knowledge, all for nothing.

  • wow i really enjoy podcast here

  • Congrats on the 200th episode!
    Sadly I missed it all…..

    PLEASE post more hours to help me keep up my Boag Addiction!

  • philldo

    Wow! 12 hours edited down to one hour. There must have been a lot of waffle :)

    Can’t wait to here it all as I was time conversion challenged and missed most of the live broadcast.

    Congrats and wish you 200 more episodes!

  • Yeah, I couldn’t open it at work either! All work and no play makes Justin a dull boy.

  • To all who worked to put this together – a tip of my cap for a great job! I watched/listened in the background as I went through my day and I really enjoyed it. Great job! Looking forward to getting to hear the interviews that I missed.