Paul Boag

Well I am back from my Christmas break and I am really looking forward to 2007. In particular I can’t wait to get going on the new .net podcast and the revised boagworld show.

It was a great Christmas this year. I got a Nikon D50 and so my flickr feed has exploded. Combined with my new digital picture frame it has been a typically gadgety Christmas.

Of course it was hard to come back to work, especially when your son burst into tears because daddy won’t be around as much to play with him. However, on the upside I get to podcast again which I really enjoy.

Changes to boagworld

We are revamping the boagworld show. Towards the end of last year it was becoming a bit stale and both of us were having trouble getting enthusiastic about it. The new show will be shorter, snappier and split into clearly defined segments.

The bit I am most excited about is the new “Ask an expert” section. This will include various “experts” answering questions submitted by you the listeners. Already I have answers from Jeremy Keith and Christian Heilmann; however loads of other people have agreed to take part.

Practical Web Design becomes .net

Of course it is not just the boagworld show that is changing. We are also relaunching the Practical Web Design podcast in a new form from the publishers of .net. This show is going to be totally different to anything I have done before and I have a mixture of fear and excitement about it. Its going to be a round table discussion via skype made up of numerous well known web design names as well as a few that you need introducing to! We already have a list of over 20 people who are willing to come on the show and I am sure this will get even bigger once the show is launched.

My fear comes from the technical side of production. Skype isn’t always the most reliable technology but hopefully it will be up to the task. If not then we will have to think again. However, you never know until you try.

As for timescales, well I am not quite sure when we will launch the .net show. However, boagworld will be back on Tuesday 9th January and will now always go out on a Tuesday.

Boagworld meetup

Finally, I also have the boagworld meetup in London to look forward to. I have met the occasional boagworld listener before at conferences etc, but it will be nice to meet a load of people in one go. Currently there are 22 people attending and that’s before I have announced it on the podcast. It should be a cool evening.