50th podcast and our new site

Paul Boag

I know! The launch of this new site was supposed to coincide with the 50th episode of the boagworld podcast, but then I realised I am away on Friday and Monday so the podcast is going to be released later than normal.

So in order to avoid lots of emails asking me where the 50 episode is, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by launching the new site and telling you the next episode is going to be a day late.

So here it is; the new boagworld site! As you can see, I decided to evolve the design rather than start from scratch.  The main emphasis has been on making it scalable and improving some of the accessibility. However, I have also improved the site’s navigation and hopefully made it easier to find what you are looking for.

Additional functionality includes:

  • The ability to navigate by tag (no longer available)
  • A onsite podcast player
  • The ability to search the boagworld site OR our web design network
  • Improvements to the SPAM filters

I am intending to add a lot more functionality before too long, including a shop and a better forum facility.

I need your help

Of course, the whole thing was done in a huge rush and so will no doubt be riddled with bugs. As you spot them can I ask that you just make a note of them in the comments area of this post.

I am aware that a number of comments have been lost and that some of your subscriptions may stop working. I am very sorry for any hassle this might cause you. My advice is that if in doubt re-subscribe!

I would also like your thoughts on how the site can be improved. What functionality would you like to see added? How can it be made more accessible or usable? All feedback is much appreciated although I would ask that you be kind!

One final thing… yes I know it uses every web 2.0 design trick in the book. What can I say; I am a dedicated follower of fashion ;)