A geek dinner

Paul Boag

Ian Forrester from geekdinners.co.uk throws a bash in honour of boagworld.com.

Well after desperately trying to avoid being called a geek for years, it looks like I am going to have to embrace the title, as Ian Forrester from geekdinners.co.uk throws a bash in honour of boagworld.com. Please come along, and save me from being a sad guy in a pub by myself.

If you haven’t heard of geek dinners before then make sure you check out their website. Basically every once in a while Ian arranges a get together for a well known geek and invites loads of other like minded techies along. Previous VIP guests include the likes of Molly, Dave Shea (founder of Zen Gardens) and Tim O’reilly so I am feeling very much out of my league. For some bizarre reason Ian is of the opinion that boagworld.com is popular enough to attract a crowd! How little he knows. Nevertheless, the ego boost of being invited was too tempting to turn down and so I have rashly accepted the invite.

Since agreeing to go I have had reoccurring nightmares of sitting in a big empty room with only Marcus to keep me company (I don’t seem to be able to get rid of the guy). Please don’t let my nightmare come true! If you live in the UK (or are such a fan of boagworld that you’re willing to fly over!) then please come along. There is food, alcohol and I promise not to talk too much. Best of all it’s a cheap night out, so there is really no excuse not to come.

It is on Thursday 23rd February between 7pm and midnight at The Polar Bear just off of London’s Leicester Square.

If you want to come, just pop along to geekdinners and leave a comment saying you’ll be there. Alternatively if you are after more details drop Ian an email.