A .net Magazine Podcast

I have just come out of a meeting with Dan Oliver, the editor of .net magazine and I wanted to share with you our plans for the future of the Practical Web Design Podcast.

As you will have probably gathered from my previous post things are changing at Practical Web Design. Fundamentally the Practical Web Design Magazine will be replaced by .net (although the PWD name will be kept in the US.).

Today’s meeting with Dan was to discuss what we were going to do with the Practical Web Design Podcast, which has recently proved incredibly popular and features highly in iTunes.

My feeling was that a .net version of the show required more than me simply talking about web design. The depth required for a publication like .net is more than a single person can provide.

I am therefore pleased to announce a new format for the show as of mid January. Instead of the magazine style format used to date (with a number of short segments) we are going to have a bi-weekly round table. In each episode we will discuss the issues of the day relating to web design as well as questions and comments submitted by you the listener.

The panel will change on a regular basis. It will be made up of a well know names in the industry as well as new faces who can bring a fresh perspective to the table.

I will continue to host and produce the show so unfortunately you don’t get to avoid listening to me that easily. However, at least this way we can have experts in various fields rather than me making stuff up as I go along!

  • M. Jackson Wilkinson

    Sounds great Paul. I definitely look forward to seeing how all of this turns out!

  • What kind of information can you give about listeners in the US? Is .net available for us as a publication? I want so badly to be a part of this community, but am sometimes limited by my location in the middle of Indiana.

  • From next year Ryan, .net will be published as Practical Web Design. Same magazine, different name.

  • Sounds like TWiT for web design. I like it!

  • a TWiT for web design would be great. Who better to do it than Paul?

  • Does anyone else find the title “.net” a bit misleading? I know for quite some time I’ve seen it in the shops and completely brushed it off as a Microsoft.NET magazine (and therefore I never even opened it). Considering the subject matter, you’d think they’d pick a bit more appropriate title.

  • Niawce

  • M. Jackson Wilkinson

    But this .net is actually quite a bit older than Microsoft’s product, isn’t it? I remember netmag.co.uk as having existed in the mid-late ’90s.

  • Yeah that is right. Future Publishing (the publishers of .net) were not happy with Microsoft launched .net.

  • Will this affect the Boagworld podcast?

  • Not dramatically. I am taking the opportunity to look at what I do on boagworld and tweak things a bit. If anything it gives me more freedom as I was beginning to see overlap between the PWD podcast and boagworld. With the PWD format gone it will perhaps allow me to make boagworld more magazine like in format.
    I feel the main feature segment of the show can be a bit hard work sometimes. I try and cram too much in and make it a big deal. Perhaps by having a more magazine like approach I can give lots of “small pieces” of information in multiple blocks rather than one big thing.
    I need to think it through more first however.

  • This does sound like great news :) I can’t wait to hear some differing views from the industries top people :)
    And yes, it is very TWiT for .Net. I guess now all the podcast guets needs a name like “The TWiTs”. “The .Net’s” just doesn’t sound as nice. A competition for a later podcast perhaps :)

  • Matt

    Rock on Paul! This is totally awesome!
    It really sounds like the show is expanding on both fronts, and I am really looking forward to listening to the new format.
    One of the major annoyances that I had with the PWD magazine was the models on the cover. To me those covers were not descriptive of the content.
    Hopefully they will not have different US covers for the magazine too!!
    Maybe Dan could just send us .Net over here after all?

  • Great news! I love both shows!

  • That’s great news. I’ve been a .net subscriber for a long time.
    You’ll be in good company with the likes of Molly, Rachel Andrews and Andy Rutledge now writing for them.

  • Well I see the pwd rss feed has started failing on my netvibes. Whats the new rss feed url/webiste gonna be?

  • @David, even I write for them… well kind of. Check out the question and answer section each month.
    @Eric, the url is probably going to be the same. The problems you are having with the feed is just a coincidence.

  • been a frequent reader of .net for a loooong time, I’m sure this will mean even greater things for you podcast – maybe they’ll even let you write bigger articles in the magazine ;)

  • If you do end up going down a TWiT-a-like route, please, please make sure you don’t end up with a panel of insular people with no knowledge of the world outside their front door. I used to try very hard to listen to and like TWiT because so many people rated it but I got frustrated with the total lack of knowledge of anything outside US based tech and the parochial attitudes of the people on it. Quite embarassingly bad.

  • Meg

    Where can I listen to your show? Do you have a url?? Thx!

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  • I was less concerned about my email address being published than voicing my opinion that they were out of their mind to double the price of my season tickets and expect me to blindly renew!