A whirlwind conference lineup

Paul Boag

One of the favourite parts of my job is speaking at conferences. Although I miss the family, I love meeting new people and sharing ideas. I also get to hear other great speakers and always learn a lot.

That said I might have got a bit carried away over the next few months.

This is what I have coming up:

Internet Retailing Expo

21st and 22nd March: London

I am introducing a crowd of marketeers to the idea of responsive design and hopefully breaking their obsession with native apps. Don’t get me wrong; I love native apps, but they are not always the right solution.

DIBI Conference

16th and 17th April: Newcastle

After London it is off to Newcastle to talk at DIBI. I practically begged these guys to let me speak, as this conference has a great lineup. My subject here is client centric web design, the topic of season 3 of Boagworld which will kickoff around the same time and include my next ebook.

Future Insights Live

30th April to the 4th May: Vegas

I am barely back from Newcastle when it is off to Vegas to present the same topic to the US audience. This one sounds like it is going to be a really exciting new conference. With 8 workshops and over 100 speakers this conference looks like it is going to become what SXSW used to be in it’s early years (when it was good). If you can make it to Vegas this is going to be the big conference of the year.

Future of Web Design

14th to the 16th May: London

Its back from Vegas and off to London to once again join the guys at Carsonified. The details of this one are still to be confirmed but it looks like I will be both speaking and giving my full day workshop on running a successful web design business. Marcus is threatening to join me for that one which will make it a really fun day.


6th and 7th June: Vancouver

Finally the insanity ends with yet another trip across the Atlantic for Interlink in Canada. They have asked me to give my favourite talk ever, ‘unbelievable ecommerce,’ and so I cannot wait for this one.

Its going to be an exciting and exhausting few months, but I have one objective – meet new people. Therefore if you are intending to attend any of these conferences let me know in the comments below. I would love to hook up.

I wonder what the second half of the year will contain.