Away for the summer

Paul Boag

The sun is shiny, the family is on holiday and so I will be taking a break from blogging and podcasting until the 9th September.

I fear I maybe turning into an American. That is because this summer, myself and the family are going to take a road trip in our RV.

The idea is that over the month of August we will be exploring this wonderful country in our Motorhome by visiting places like Dartmoor, Wales, Derbyshire, the Lake District and Highlands of Scotland.

Motorhome on Exmoor
We are going to spend the summer travelling around the UK.

While travelling I will be working half days, but decided to stop blogging as I want to work on a secret project. Mysterious I know, but I can’t tell you about it quite yet.

That means you will not see any posts or podcasts going out until the week of the 9th September. But do not despair! There is still a chance to engage with the Boagworld community.

We need your thoughts

As you may already know the next season of the podcast is going to be looking at great debates within the web design community. I have already posted two subjects that I would love your thoughts on. These are…

If you fancy sharing your thoughts on the subject then click the links above.

Finally, if you have ideas for a debate topic drop me an email or post them in the comments. We desperately need your ideas and will obviously credit you if we use them.

So there you go. Have a great summer and I will speak to you again in September.

“Lane in meadow and deep blue sky. Nature design.” image courtesy of