Boagworld at SXSW

Paul Boag

Once again myself and Marcus will be attending SXSW. However, this year we are organised and have some great stuff lined up for you!

SXSW is probably the biggest event in the web design calendar and so we are going to be there covering everything that is happening. If you are going to be there then we have a couple of chances to meet up. If not, we still have you covered!

Boagworld live show

The thing I am most excited about is the live boagworld show we will be recording from the floor of SXSW.

We are not exactly Diggnation, so do not expect massive crowds. However, it should be a nice opportunity for those Boagworld listeners at the conference to get together and harass Marcus and myself as we try to record the show.

My biggest fear is that nobody will turn up, so I am tempting you with a stunning line up of guests! As well as myself and Marcus there will be…

  • Andy Budd (Author of CSS Mastery)
  • Daniel Burka (Creative Lead at
  • Jeremy Keitth (Author of DOM Scripting and Bulletproof AJAX)
  • Joe Stump (Lead Architect at

The show will be mainly listener driven so come along with loads of questions. We will get through as many as we can.

Finally, if you are unable to make the live show, we will try our best to stream it live via uStream.

To reassure me that we will not be recording alone, please signup on upcoming!

Great British Boozeup

Great British Boozeup

Those who have been at SXSW the last couple of years will be pleased to hear that the ‘Great British Boozeup’ is returning.

This is the third year ClearLeft and ourselves have thrown the Great British Boozeup and this time we are joined by Naklab. Together we will be treating our American cousins to a good old fashioned knees-up to a soundtrack of great British tunes.

For information on where and when the boozeup will occur, check out upcoming.

Boagworld SXSW coverage

Last but by no means least we have something for those of you not attending.

I know how annoying it can be when you are not attending a conference. You want to know the highlights but you do not want your RSS reader full of endless posts or your twitter feed overwhelmed by chatter.

That is why we have created a SXSW coverage page where we will live blog the entire conference (or as much as we attend). Hopefully this will keep you up-to-date without it becoming annoying!

View our SXSW live coverage page