Boagworld is back

Paul Boag

On the 20th March I logged off. No podcast, no twitter, no facebook, no posting, no nothing. But now I am back and this time I mean business!

What a crazy month. I have hosted both the Highland Fling and the Future of Web Design. I have re-built the Headscape website and re-launched boagworld with a new site and new team.

All of this has only been possible by completely cutting myself off from the web design world. But has it been worth it?

An interesting experiment

I dare to think how many hours I spend talking with people via Twitter, reading RSS feeds and adding friends to the latest social network. To be honest I don’t think I want to know.

However, what I can tell you is that going cold turkey for a month and a bit has been an enlightening experience. Without a doubt I have got a huge amount done. Productivity has been outstanding and I am pleased with the redesign of both Boagworld and Headscape.

Despite that, I am glad to be back. Life is about more than increased productivity and I have missed the social interaction of twitter and felt ignorant about some of the big web design stories of the last few weeks.

Time to think

Although I have been busy, the time away has given me an opportunity to think about my job and the podcast. Producing the podcast is demanding and I spend more time talking about web design than doing it. If I continue down this track I am in danger of becoming out of touch with what most of my listeners have to deal with.

Getting my hands dirty with both Headscape and Boagworld has reinvigorated me and given me loads of ideas for the show. In fact, I am intending to use the two sites as a case study over the coming weeks.

If I want the show to remain relevant I have to do either one of two things. Reduce the content or get some help.

The new Boagworld team

Although I am intending to curb the length of the show (I have said that before!), I am more attracted to the idea of getting some help on board. It is time that we produced the show in a more professional manor. With that in mind I would like to introduce three new members of the boagworld team…

Ryan Taylor – Ryan is going to be our producer. He is responsible for arranging guests, writing show notes and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Paul Stanton – Paul is our researcher and he will work with me to find the best news stories and subjects for each week’s show.

Anna Debenham – Anna is our technician and will be responsible for making the show live each week and doing some of the audio editing.

They are all volunteers and I am incredibly grateful for their help. To learn a bit more about each of them check out our about us section.

The new site

Finally I want to quickly mention the new site. As you can see we have done a complete overhaul and tried to bring it more inline with Headscape (without becoming too corporate). However, I should confess that it was done in a rush. So, if you spot any bugs or problems that need fixing please drop me an email via our new contact us form.

P.S. All good websites have an easter egg. Mine is a page that allows you to stalk me (because I am that vain). See if you can find it. I might even be able to scrape up a prize for the first to succeed.