Boagworld at sxsw

Paul Boag

Once again we are off to SXSW the biggest web design conference of the year. This year we hope to bring you better coverage than ever.

SXSW Interactive is almost certainly the biggest conference in the web communities calendar. Covering everything from CSS to Social Media it really has something for everyone.

Boagworld live at SXSW 09

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This year, almost the entire Headscape crew is flying over and we hope to be reporting live on everything we see.

However, we are keen not to flood you with SXSW posts unless you are really interested. That is why we have decided to setup a separate posterous blog dedicated solely to posts from SXSW.

If you are interested in following what is happening at this years conference then I recommend you follow this blog and also our dedicated SXSW twitter account.

Boagworld @ SXSW Blog

Boagworld @ SXSW Twitter Account

If you are at SXSW

If you are at SXSW and would like to meet up there are a copy of opportunities.

First, there is my presentation on Pain Free Design Sign Off that is happening on Saturday at 9.30AM in Ballroom A.

Second, I am also doing a book signing at the SXSW book stand on Saturday at 3.20PM.

Even if you are not interested in my talk or getting my booked sign please come along. I love to meet new people and don’t want to feel like ‘billy no mates’.