Boot camp

Paul Boag

So Apple is giving us the opportunity to run Windows XP on our macs. How cool is that! I must admit even I am tempted to buy a mac now :) But what does it mean for your website?

Once again the World Wide Web has made me eat my words. Yesterday’s show was recorded a week ago and there I am telling Marcus that the mac doesn’t "officially" support Windows. Little did I know that by the time the show went live that information would be out of date! Sure, Boot camp is only in beta and there are already reports that the process is patchy, but nevertheless this is an exciting development.

Despite what some are saying I think this will cause a significant spike in the sale of macs over the coming years. Although users may well be drawn to the mac because of the combination of sleek hardware and a universal operating system like windows, I think we will quickly see people seduced by the great user interface of the mac operating system. I believe this move will actually increase the number of people using the mac OS rather than decreasing it as you might first expect.

I am convinced it will also lead to a growing number of people accessing our websites via the mac OS using alternative browsers. This will cause a further decline in IEs market dominance in favour of browsers like Firefox and Safari. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if this actually lead to a significant jump in the usage of Firefox as it would provide a consistent users experience across both windows and mac.

Whatever the case I suggest you keep an eye on your web stats and monitor browser and operating levels. But don’t expect things to change in the immediate. You wont see significant variations until macs start shipping with Windows and OS 10 pre installed.