After 200 episodes is it time to change Boagworld?

With the 200th episode of Boagworld only 5 weeks away we are asking ourselves whether it is time to change the show. What do you think? Update: Introducing ‘Boagworld Bitesize’.

If you have been unfortunate enough to hear the early episodes of the podcast you will know how much it has changed. However, with the 200th episode coming up we are thinking about changing again.

Update: We are pleased to introduce Boagworld Bitesize

Thank you all so much for providing your feedback. Although opinion has been split, it has still been very helpful.

After a lot of thought we have decided to introduce a new version of the podcast following the 200th episode.

This will not affect the current show that will continue to be released every Friday. However, we recognise that not everybody finds the current show to their taste:

  • Some find it too long
  • Others get annoyed by the banter (especially at the beginning)
  • Others are only interested in specific parts of the show (e.g. the interviews)

We are therefore introducing ‘Boagworld Bitesize (itunes linkRSS link)’, which will be released three times a week. Each ‘Bite’ will be approximately 20 minutes long and will include one of the three sections of the main show. For example a ‘bite’ could consist of the news, an interview, a feature or a review.

This gives you the listener a choice. You can either subscribe to the existing show which is normally about one hour long. Or you can subscribe to the shorter ‘bites’. You also have the option of just downloading whichever ‘bite’ takes your fancy.

Hopefully this will increase our audience without alienating existing listeners :-)

Original Post:

A lack of time

We still believe passionately in audio podcasting. It allows people to consume content in places where it would otherwise be impossible. For example, you cannot watch a video podcast while driving a car, or read a blog post working out at the gym.

However, the primary reason for people not listening to the show is that they do not have time. Unless you commute everyday it’s not easy to find an hour to listen to a full show.

Three shows for the price of one

Therefore we are considering segmenting the show. Instead of you getting a one hour show each week, you would get three, 20 minute shows.

Each show would be associated with a blog post. So for example on any given week you might get:

  • One news summary post/show which rounds up the big stories of the week.
  • One interview with a web personality.
  • One review of an application useful to web designers or website owners.

Other weeks might include a feature instead of an interview, or a listener question instead of a review.

This would enable people to pick and choose what they listen to. If you only had 20 minutes to spare in a week you could listen to the news. However, if you already read a lot of blogs (and so are up on the news) you could listen to the interview instead.

You would also have the option to read any segment instead of listen to it or download all three and effectively get a complete show similar to the one you get today.

So what do you think?

Of course we don’t want to do this if you guys hate the idea. This is for your benefit not ours. In fact it would he harder work for us!

Should we change it? Would you like to listen to the show but don’t have the time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

One last point. If you comment below please say whether you listen now or not. It will help us understand where you are coming from.

  • I’m definitely in favour of shorter shows!


    • To pick and choose 3 shorter segments would be nice.

  • Hey Paul,

    Personally, I have a 1 hour commute into London which I fill happily with your podcast which I look forward to every week! (and indeed all your older podcasts which I’m slowly working my way through, even the one with ‘out-of-date’ topics are amazingly informative!)

    Having said that splitting the week’s podcast into what are effectively ‘chapters’ of a whole hour show is a great idea too as it would allow people to focus on the parts that interest them.

    Either way, I’ll always listen to you and Marcus!



  • I listen to the show every week, and often have trouble waiting for the next one to be available.

    I can certainly see the benefit of splitting the show into 3 parts, especially for those who don’t have the time available. In fact, I usually listen over 2 train trips (morning and afternoon)

    Having said that, I personally have no problem with the complete 1 hour episode, but I would also be very happy with the smaller, more focussed episodettes (today’s new word).

    So not terrible helpful for your decision, I know.

    Whichever way it goes, I will continue to listen, learn and laugh each week. Keep up the great work, guys.

  • I listen to Boagworld with great interest during my workout session after few songs. Since my workout is about 30 to 45 minutes, I can only listen to half of the show and come back tomorrow. Hmm, it confuses me because I sometimes don’t remember where I have left the show. I would really love the 20 minutes podcast idea to be implemented. It would actually increase the interest of the show followers like me.

  • Hi Paul, Marcus,

    Even though my commute is only a 5 min walk to work – I do enjoy the one hour podcast as I spread it over the week, and listen to it at home. I’m happy to stick with the one hour style – as I can just fast forward over segments I’m not interested in (though that hasn’t happened yet!)

    I also think it’d be easier to keep track of what I’ve listened to so far with fewer/longer episodes.

    Either way – I’ll keep listening, so keep up the good work!

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Niamh

    I listen now but would definitely appreciate shorter posts per subject so I can pick and choose.

  • Pretty much happy with the format the shows are in. Segmenting it sounds like it make the total time of the three longer than the one. Would each podcast still have their own hello and goodbye bits as well as the intro and outro ‘theme tunes’?

    Maybe a solution would be provide both options. Record it as a single show but also make it available for people in three parts as well as the one. Though I’d assume that might create even more work for you guys.

  • Hi,
    Yep, shorter shows would mean I may listen to it more often. I seldom have time to listen to it, I’m not sure 3 shorter shows every week would make any difference though as I’d probably not get a chance to listen to them all. Why not shorter in general? Or publish bi-weekly?

    I actually listened more when you did the u-stream broadcast during the recording as it was fun hanging out in the chat room ;)

  • Dean

    What about just adding some chapter markers to the file so you can skip around it. I personally like listening to it while I am at the gym so the longer the better just means I run farther.

    Plus, as great as the show is you don’t have to listen to it all in one go you can stop and listen to the rest later – radical I realise.

    • I think chapter markers would be a great idea.

      I often listen to the show in bits, but knowing how long each item and being able to skip between them would make this miles better.

    • P.S. Don’t like the 20 minute idea. Not sure how your intro bit would work and I think you’d be in danger of losing the character of the show.

    • figgs

      I’d like to add my vote for simply putting chapter markers in at the point where you normally add the audio snippet (“boagword…world…world…” repeat-to-fade). That way, following Marcus’ introduction you could skip to the “really must listen” segment if you’re short on time.

      Breaking it into 3 parts may result in more hassle to transfer them to your device, particularly if you’re not using iTunes

      Keep up the good work,

    • Simon

      I am in favour of chapter markers in the full length show.

      I listen to the full length shows and just stop it and start it whenever I get a chance to listen. I have a backlog now and don’t have the opportunities to listen ‘live’ anyway. Therefore having three podcasts instead of one would make it much more difficult to manage.

      I agree with others who have concerns about the show losing it’s magic! When I first listened I couldn’t stand it but as I got to ‘know’ Marcus… and you! it really grew on me. I enjoy the long winding path to the stories which could be lost when made in segments.

      If you should change anything it’s the less ‘scripted’ shows which are the best and often most informative.

  • I really love the idea of 3x 20min podcasts instead of 1x 60min one.

    Since I started freelancing and no longer commute, I discovered I haven’t had time to listen anymore! (Which seems ridiculous, but is sadly how it’s worked out)

    A new format like the one you propose would be short enough for me to justify taking a break for, because I know it’ll be quality, and it’s nicely broken up :)

    I’d also like to say thanks for paying attention to your listeners and considering this change!

  • Most podcast players do a reasonably good job on resuming them when we want, and when they don’t, it’s not that hard to flip to the part we were at.

    I think that segmenting the show could be better for Boagworld as a community, than the podcast itself because it would bring people back more often to the site, and thus participation might increase. On the other hand, it might also have the opposite effect.

    A case-in-point of this is the GameTrailers site that does video podcasts. Some of them (that they consider normal shows) are segmented over a few weeks. Since I don’t usually schedule a time to see them, I just do so when I have free time, I always find myself skipping parts or even full episodes.

    I understand that their business model is different, and they depend on the returning visitors to stay healthy, but in the case of Boagworld I’m not sure if that would do more good than bad, you certainly know your community better than I.

    With that said, best of luck with the next 200!

  • Hey Paul

    love the podcast – hate the idea. More complicated. I don’t always have time to listen to full show but I listen as long as I can and then pick up from where I left off later.

    Don’t mess with perfection!

  • I’m currently really fond of the one hour format. I nearly always listen to the show on my iPod through iTunes, so the segmenting I need I do with the play/pause button. Shorter shows wouldn’t hurt this method, although I fear that it might hurt the flow of the show.

    SitePoint has this method of segmented shows (ranging from 15 to 60 minutes), and the smaller shows are often more to-the-point. But the very concise aren’t that entertaining, which is one of your main advantages. You guys are really hillarious :), and I’d hate to miss that, as it makes it so much more worthwile to listen to the show.


  • I wouldn’t have any real issue with the shorter shows, but it would be good if they could be listened to consecutively, ie no repetition of content- i could see myself listening to all three back-to-back, as I do find an hour to listen to the show, usually at the end of the week (on lazy Friday :) Also congrats on the imminent 200th show, I’ve been listening since show 1-ish.

  • I already listen to the show, I listen at work so the full hour is fine.

    I like the idea of 3 separate shows released throughout the week – means that there won’t be such a gap between shows. Plus, the variation in show types will be good, I think it will make information from a particular show more memorable – 1 snippet from a short show, rather than a snippet of information in amongst lots of information.

    It will also make the show numbers go up quicker, so 150 a year instead of 50 a year will make you seem even more well established!

  • One thing I can see being a problem with this is how easily it’ll be to fall behind. A week of not listening means you’re now three shows behind which ‘seems’ much harder to catch up on.

    I currently listen to the show but not on a regular basis, I tend to go for weeks without listening at all then I’ll have one long journey in the car and catch up on several episodes in one go. I guess for me it wouldn’t make much difference but when listening to a bunch in one go the intros/outro music & blurb does go on a bit ;)

    Would they be recorded in the same way as they are currently? If so could you offer them as bite-sized offerings OR as a complete show?

    Personally I have no issue with the way things are currently but can see value in what you’re suggesting. Either way I’d stay subscribed :)

  • Good idea, but don’t lose the banter, or lose the banter in all but the news show and bring a bit more round-table discussion :)

    Onwards and upwards, good luck :)

  • Yes. Segmented show topics. That makes sense to me and my workflow / podcast attention span.

    I’ve been listening on and off for about 3 months and the majority of times that I can fit in your podcast is while in transit. But as a freelancer I’ve started to work more from home and a little less onsite so I listen less to your show as it’s a bit long. While at home if I’m setting up a job I listen regularly to the pro news, tech or media podcasts like the beeb or Guardian stuff as it’s as good as the radio.

    If you did a shorter news, topic and interviews I’d probably fit it in easier to my day. No reason why they can’t crossover either.

    BTW. I also listen to AudioBoo and I’ve listened to your rambling on there as well. Handy as they are short.

    That’s my tuppence.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Definitely in favour of shorter shows.

  • I definitely think segmentation would be psychologically beneficial to those who may not listen because it feels like a large chunk of time required. Me for one, despite always intending to listen. I need a long car journey (on my own, rare!) to get through the shows.

    Segmentation wouldn’t hinder anyone at all because segments can be listened to back to back.

    And of course, we get to hear Marcus’ musical musings an extra 4 times :)

  • I love the show in its current format. I think by segmenting it you’ll lose the charm, and bit of banter that makes it a refreshing change from the rest of the podcasts out there. In any case is it really that hard for people to listen to it in sections themselves?

    ps: Think of all the titles you’ll need to think of?!

  • I’ve downloaded shows when I know I’ve got a journey coming up, but that’s not often, so I mainly just read the notes.

  • I think it’s a good idea. I have been finding less time for listening to podcasts and I think the shorter episodes would sit better with me at the moment.

    It could also be a good chance to produce more advanced and focused content. For example, you could have an advanced development section. If you were a designer, website owner, business person etc. you could just skip this section as it would go over your head.

    I imagine it could make things a lot easier for you too as well. Finding a 20 minute slot where both of you might not need to be around is much easier than finding the hour plus for a solid recording.

    I say go for it!

  • I usually listen to the show while walking the dog so the hour-long show fits perfectly.

    That said, more frequent shows at 20 minutes each would be fine too. In fact I’d probably listen to 3 1-hour shows a week, and the dog would get more walks… Win Win.

  • Hey chaps- have you considered putting chapters in the podcast?

  • Chris Pastore

    I listen at work on my iPhone. To me it doesn’t matter that the show is an hour long. I have the time. Now that the rissington podcast is gone yours is the only web design podcast I am listening to currently.

  • Hi Paul,

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for a long time and love it. I think the first show I listened to was in the 30’s (episode not year!). Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from you guys over the years. Thank you!

    I have an hour commute to work each day so the current format is ideal for me. I’m not to keen on the proposed changes, but I don’t think they would affect me too much.

    How would iTunes manage the new format? Currently I update the podcasts on my iPhone once a week and only download the latest version of the podcast. If there were three podcasts per week I guess I would need to change my iTunes settings or miss episodes. Or would you provide each section of the podcast as a different feed?

  • Grant

    Very much in favour of shorter, more segmented and focus shows myself. It’s a lot easier to find 3 20 minute blocks of free time throughout the day than a single 1 hour block.

  • Personally, I think I’d prefer the 1 hour podcasts as they are – but I can see why people would be interested in segmentation.
    I think the worry with the shorter podcasts is that unless you record them all at once and edit them down, you risk losing banter that makes the podcast so entertaining.

    I find that the spontaneous discussion on a topic is more interesting than the segments where you’re simply reading from a pre-written post, which is what I’d imagine the 20 minute segments would mostly be.

    Either way, I’m sure I’ll keep listening.

  • 3 x 20 minutes would be just perfect.
    I’d even settle for 2 x 20 minutes.
    Go for it.

  • Shaun

    I can see why people may want a shorter show but I’m personally not in favor of that. I am fortunate enough to be able to listen to the podcast whilst I work so the length suites me perfectly, longer the better!

    I fear that the banter may be reduced or disappear if the show is shorter. Remember that you have your intro and exit music to get in there as well.

    My vote is keep it as it is. You’re all doing a fantastic job.

  • I think you should keep it to the hourly show. I think that by segmenting you will loose some of the general chatter, and we’ll have to listen to 3 intro’s rather than 1. The chapter markers as someone suggested is a good idea.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I like the idea of splitting the show into chapters. However, I always find time to listen to the current format and it doesn’t bother me at all that I tend to listen to it in 2 halves.

    If the 3 ‘chapters’ were recoreded as 3 seperate entities, instead of 1 show split into 3 downloads I think it would be less successful.

    Personally I am more than happy with the current format and i am slightly worried about this new concept.

    Good luck though

  • Andy

    I listen to the show while commuting to work and the 1 hour show is perfect for me. In actual fact, the biggest hurdle for me is remembering to download it and transfer it to my phone the night before. Sometimes I leave it a couple of weeks then have a slight dilemma working out which ones I havent listened to yet. Personally I think that having a larger number of short shows to download would add to the burden of downloading the ones you havent heard yet and transferring them to your listening device. Keep it as it is.

  • Shorter shows would be good.

    I have a 1 hour commute to London every day which I usually fill with work or learning but its not easy to work whilst listening to the podcast. I like to concentrate on it you know? ;-)

    So I usually don’t have time so skip the news and just listen to the feature so either marked segments or shorter episodes would be good for me!

    Great podcast though, don’t change it too much!

  • Neil


    I currently listen to the show but I think having them broken up would make things easier, I’ve been finding it harder to keep up to date with the shows due to their length, having that problem with a few podcasts recently, I tend to listen to them at work while I’m going easier bits.

  • Eric

    I love the idea!

  • Hmm this is an interesting one, I can see the benefits of having multiple episodes but to be honest I’m fine with listening and relying on my iTunes/iPod remembering position. However the chapter markers mentioned may assist in ‘scan listening’.

    To be honest I’m suprised people would not listen due to the length, I rarely ever sit through an entire podcast in one sitting instead I almost always rely on play from last position.

    As with others I’d be concerned that the shorter segments would effect the charm of the show as a continuous ‘talk show’ and may lead to either repeated intro/outro’s or segments that sound odd in isolation as they just start immediately. For me separation would only make sense when the recording is from another time or place (like interviews from fowa etc that might be nice to access directly).

  • A lot of people have mentioned the chapter segments idea. We have considered this before. The problem is that it makes the show inaccessible to anybody not using an iPod. Admittedly that is not many but it is enough to stop us.

    As for the banter comments. I agree that is our biggest concern. However, we are very aware of this and would work to maintain it especially in the news segment.

    We would have to create a new intro that was considerably shorter so it wasn’t annoying having to listen to it three times.

    Boy, I am really torn on this one :-S

    Might have to try a trial period.

    • figgs


      Surely the fact that chapter markers only work on an iPod can be seen as a kind of “Progressive Enhancement”. If you’ve got an iPod it’s fine and you can skip about. If not, then you just get a big long show

      • Doesn’t work like that. It requires the file to be AAC which doesn’t play on non ipods

        • Three separate shows would work great for me. When I was commuting the one hour show was perfect but now I work from home and finding an hour to concentrate on the show is almost impossible.

    • Why not run two versions? One AAC version and a MP3 file for your website?

  • A listener since episode two…
    As long as there is a Joke at the end of each segment, you’ll keep me as a listener ;-)

  • If 3 shows means 3 jokes then go for it!

    Otherwise I prefer the hour format. Can’t you fork the podcast. Have 3 segments released across a week then have a full podcast of the segments stitched together. Everyone is happy.

    • Mike

      I have always listened to the entire podcast with no problem. I guess I don’t work hard enough and have to much time. Think Jason Stanley had a very good idea three shows a week and one big stitched together show at the end of the week. You will have to be careful to not make to much work for your self. You should do one of your famous polls that always end up 50 50. Good luck and look froward to more jokes.

  • I love the hour long podcast every week!

    I don’t commute so I listen when I’ve got free time or more commonly as I work. I tend to listen when I’m working on something that I can kind of switch to autopilot to do. I still have time to jot down a couple of notes on anything that really interests me and I find it really inspiring to hear you guys chat as I work. Helps get me fired up on those day or even weeks when I’m struggling to get going!

    Not personally keen on the idea of 3×20 min shows as the hour always seems so short as it is. That said I can always stack them up if needs be and listen in one lump. And lets face it, I’m not going to stop listening just because the format changes!

  • Paul & Marcus
    I like the idea of the segmented 20 minute episodes. I love your podcast as it is but the busier I get the less time I have to listen to it all, missing it when I can’t fit it in. So the shorter episodes would be ideal :)

    Paul – a trial perios sounds like a good idea :)

  • Martin Kuplens-Ewart

    Er… might be a bit obvious, but… how much harder would it be to produce the 1-hour show, then edit together the segments into individual 10-15-minute files… Record once (cough), write many… and that way those that want the full hour have it, and those that prefer to subscribe to broken up chunkiness can have that, too. Bit more work, granted, but no more than going out and swapping to 3×20 with extra sets of intros, etc. etc.

  • I like the show “as is”. It fits nicely on commute to work and I simply pause when I arrive and restart when I leave work.

    Surely pointless to split up! Don’t pander to people too much!

  • I think overall this is a good idea and as with most things, it will all be in the implimentation.

    If you package all three segments under 1 podcast (i.e. same episode number, single page which gets expanded during the week and a way to seamlessly listen to all podcasts at the end of the week). This ‘might’ suit both types of your listeners.

    Personally, I prefer to listen to the whole hour.

    I do worry that these 20 minutes will over run to 30 minutes (which Boagworld has the tendancy to do), which will be difficult for you an Marcus to keep on top of.

    Finally, I believe your listeners are quite forgiving so there is no harm in trying it and seeing how it turns out :)


  • Hi Paul & Marcus

    I listen to the show in blocks of multiple shows usually, as I travel into the country and back (from my home in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia) a couple of times a month, and the podcast has probably kept me alive! Keeping my mind occupied on the long drives. (thanks, by the way)

    At first I was going to say I prefer it as a full show but don’t mind, but my car doesn’t handle mp3 too well, and its near impossible to fast forward and rewind, so if I stop in the middle I have to listen to the whole lot again until I get to where I’m up to (not that that is so horrible!) so perhaps splitting up could work for me too.

    Something that comes to mind is that in iTunes podcasts are usually played from newest to oldest, so it would be more difficult to play the 3 in order, rather than backwards. Not a huge deal and I may even be totally wrong, but just a thought.

    Excited about the 200th show, coincidentally my first trip overseas would mean ill be in the UK when the 200th show aires, ironically I will probably miss it as I may not have the means to listen live lol will definitely have to download it for the flight home though!

    All the best with the show, i have been enjoying it and learning from it for a number of years now, and I’m sure whichever direction you take the show and it’s format will be a success with all of us listeners.

    Thanks and Regards

    Beau Vass

  • Sounds like a good idea, so long as I could opt for a combined download where I’d get all three?

  • I really enjoy the show as it is, have listened to all episodes. I work from home and like the fact that it’s an hour or more. I can settle into it while I’m working. The banter is a big draw to me, and having enough time for banter in a 20 min slot, may overwhelm it. All feels very relaxed and natural at the moment.

    Thanks for doing such a great job :)

  • Dear boagmen, I started listening around podcast 80 (and have listened to some back numbers as well). I usually have to listen to the podcast in segments anyway so this plan sounds good. It will be strange to get a podchunk that isn’t introduced with five minutes of wide-ranging rambling irrelevancies, but I am grateful for all content from the paul/marcus/headscape stable, so — thank you!

  • Not quite sure what smaller segments would add other than more complexity. If I have less time then I can simply listen to a part, pause and then resume. Sorry Paul & Marcus but for me the way the show is set up currently works fine, not so keen on segmenting it down. Edith

  • Benjamin

    Hi Paul and Marcus

    Although I have no problem with the full 1hour+ shows and have been working my way in reverse (just finished #133), I think the 3 x 20min show might be more consumable and better for including breaking news or news that eclipses others. Also it’ll be easier if one was trying to retrieve a certain bit of info from 20mins piece of audio rather than 60mins.

    Either way you’ve one happy customer here!

    btw…how long have you been off the air? Seems like too long.

  • I really like the current format. IMO, focus on solving for your own needs and problems with the podcast – not other people’s issues. If people have trouble with time management, don’t like to listen to a podcast while working, or are just incapable of operating the pause button, changing formats won’t solve the issue.

    At one time or another, I’ve struggled with the above issues too, but it’s on the listener’s behalf. If I really want to listen to the show, but I have some hard programming to do, then life is really rough for me, but I mutter through somehow eventually. Either I put off work or I listen to the show later – life goes on. If I don’t make it through the whole show in the time I had allotted (usually doing chores) then I [gasp] hit the pause button and then resume during my next set of chores. Do you seriously not have 1 hour of chores per week!? If not, then your life must be cushy enough to fit in a podcast here and there ;) And I know not everyone has a player that will keep a pause spot for each individual track, but that’s a poor excuse because you just should if you listen to podcasts (and hell if you do this profession). On the computer, such players are free and if you don’t have a portable player that does so just buy one! If you don’t want to buy one, then you might want to consider giving up on listening to podcasts and tune in your FM dial…

    Please don’t change the format. I love Boagworld because of the “extra” banter and personal touch. If you end up just cranking out short segments, I fear that will be lost.

  • Hi,

    I am a new listener (from around #180), and I vote against the change.

    I pretty much love it the way it is. If you split it in 3 parts there is much more possibility I would miss something important (maybe an interview if I don’t know who the guest is, or a webapp that “doesn’t sound interesting”).

    Also, you guys share a lot of info “between the segments”, and also – I think that humor level will decrease.

    So, a “no change” vote from me.

    All the best in 2010!

  • 20 minute show is a much better idea, I’d listen more often.

  • Hi Paul & Marcus,

    I’ve been listening to the show for a couple years now (episode 50ish?) and love it. I understand the responses above about favoring the shorter show, but have to admit that I think I prefer it the way it is. It’s an interesting notion about making it ‘seem’ easier to just play a shorter one when you know you have 20 minutes rather than just listening to 20 minutes of an hour podcast, but on my iPhone it knows where I left off so it’s easy to jump back in where I left off. Were it not for that I’d totally agree. But I like the flow across the show – there are always references back and forth between segments. If they were recorded separately it might lose some of that. If you were recording them all at once of course, guess that wouldnt matter.

    But overall my vote is still for a single show. Listeners have to learn a new behavior one way or another (learn to not feel overwhelmed by lots of episodes or learn to jump in and out of a single show with the time alotted). Doesn’t seem like a clear winner either way.

    Cheers – and thanks for a great show. I learn new things all the time, and thanks to your inspiration (at least in part) I quit my agency job to work on my own a few months ago so I could get into more inspiring work, and things have been going just great! Haven’t been happier in a long time!


    (the guy who listed the Moleskine notebook and a nice pen for geek gifts last year)

  • The show works as it currently is for me. I listen to it over a period of 2/3 days walking to work and find no trouble keeping track of where I am.

    The problem with segmenting is that you call where it’s segmented. Whilst it might segment naturally for you, for some listeners, it might mean getting 2 podcasts rather than 1, which is a PITA. For me, I’d be happy with a news roundup, and then the rest of the show, but that might not work for everyone.

  • Doesn’t matter too much to me as long as the show doesn’t become to boring. 37signals podcast for instance, even though they seem like a great company, isn’t very exciting to listen too and is not engaging. Boagworld is engaging because it’s easy to identify with the presenters and don’t lose the banter.

  • Webfreak05

    I listen to the show. I love the show the way it is, please don’t change it. I don’t have a problem with it being 1 hour. If i have to do something when i’m listening to the podcast, i just get on with what i have to do and resume the podcast from where i left off after i’ve done my work.. Weekly podcasts with 3 segments will mean 3 different mp3 files. Associating an episode to a particular week on a mp3 player’s playlist is more hassle than convenience. There were times your weekly episodes were like 40 to 50 minutes, how is that going to be broken up. I think setting a specific time for your podcast is not a practical thing to do, what if there was not enough interesting news to talk about (on any particular week)? Or if you had an awesome Interview with Jeremy Keith about HTML6 (You’re going to want to get the juicy info from him and not rush him.) Being your faithful listeners, we want the interviewee to passionately explain his web wisdom. Currently the podcast goes with the flow, no specific time set for interviews, or reviews. You and Marcus focus on getting the required information for us and share it with us (You share relevant knowledge that you think will help us out, We don’t want to put limitations to that)’s nicer that way..

    Maybe we could change the type of segments to give the podcast a fresher listening experience. I’m sure you’ll come up with awesome ideas, i’m happy with whatever you and Marcus do because:

    1) It’s great
    2) Who doesn’t want free knowledge
    3) We trust that you give good advise.

    Thanks guys for all the hard work and passion you put, really appreciate it. Congratulations on the fact that we’re nearing episode 200 :)

  • I really like the current hour long format myself. Maybe instead of splitting the podcast up, there could be a version of the show with markers for the beginning of each section?

    I worry that moving each segment into its own mini-podcast and having a more formal structure might make it less enjoyable to listen to, particularly due to less opportunity for banter between Paul and Marcus.

    Having said that, I thoroughly enjoy the podcast and will continue to listen as long as the content keeps me interested.

  • Just to add another option in to the mix, how about… 2 x 30min podcasts?

    Reasons why…

    1) It would seem, from the comments above, that a lot of people seem to listen in two halves, to and from work.

    2) Splitting the show in two gives a little more time for banter and ‘off topic’ discussion which I really feel is a really important aspect of Boagworld.

    3) Reducing three topics per week to two might make each show that little bit more informative with more time to spend on each topic.

    4) Your show will probably fill 30 min slot quite much better. 20 minutes could well be too short! Nothing worse than good discussion being cut short (could be an argument for the 1 hour show I know! But I’m sure you get my point)

    5) I would expect that 2 x 30min shows (and 2 blogs posts) would also be easier for you guys to produce than 3 x 20min shows (and 3 blog posts).

    All in all, I think a shorter show will be the way to go. Will help keep things a little more concise. Whilst the hour show is great, I personally struggle to find the time to listen to the full show in one go. I know I don’t have to listen to it in one go, but for the same reason it can be hard to return to a half watched movie, it’s hard to return to a half listened podcast… especially several days down the line.

    Hope this helps ;) And remember, you could always still do 1hr specials every now and then!

    All the best guys!

  • Matt Hawkshaw

    I’m not sure on this. Personally, I listen for the entertaient as much as the info and I’m not sure you’d get this with 3x 20min shows. I also think you could end up with choice paralysis as new listeners decide which of the three to listen to and agree that it would make it seem like you’ve fallen behind a lot sooner.

    Would it take a lot more work to cut out Boagworld ‘shorts’ from the full show? You could group these as you mentioned and get the best of both worlds. They might also help entice new listeners who will chance a few minutes but might not try an hour long show…

  • Rob

    I usually listen on my commute to work, which is roughly an hour, so the current format works well for me. But I can see how 3 shorter segments would be more convenient for some listeners. Either way, I’ll make time to listen!

  • I think that if you split the show into 3 seperate area’s you may see a massive decline on that particular show e.g. majority of your audience may be listening for the interview rather than the app review. So not too sure about that.

    Have you considered doing the show live? So people can call in live on air, you could answer questions people may have, hold competition for your book :P things like that.

  • I’d appreciate the 3 x 20 min shows. I’m a veracious reader of blogs so I’m pretty boned up on the news, so I like to be able to just skip to the interviews and features.

  • Mike Boldrick

    I like the long format, but will certainly listen to the collection of shorts. I learned of your podcast only a month or two ago, but I’ve already listed to a dozen or so shows. I love being entertained by the banter and personality of the show while getting valuable technical information. I think the longer show is a better platform to showcase the personalities and banter.

    Thank you for doing the podcast, and please keep it up!

  • Hi guys – I actually haven’t listened for a few weeks, but I like the hour long show. I don’t listen in one go, but that’s not a problem for me.

    The 1 hour podcast is more of a ‘show’ or event: three 20 minute episodes would be more disposable and easier to ignore, perhaps?

    And I might miss something important to me in the news show, even if I only chose the interview…


  • I haven’t listened to the podcast as regularly recently, but if it were split up, I would likely listed to it more often. I would recommend trying out the new format for a couple months and see what kind of feedback you get. I think people will enjoy it once they get used to it.

    I admire your commitment to this podcast and your listeners. Good job.

  • I love the show as it is. I do listen while at work, and enjoy every part of the show. (Even Marcus’ jokes.) :)

    The Chapter marker idea is a good one, however, I’m also one of the masses that does not have an iPod, and I’m not sure how well it would work with my Sansa.

    If you were to go with the 3 segments, I’ll still listen, but it’s been pretty convenient for me as it is.


  • Hi Paul & Marcus, personally from someone who doesn’t tend to sync their iPhone/iPod everyday I think it’ll be easier to keep up to date when the shows aren’t segmented. It’s less effort to sync once a week than three times a week.

    Anyways if you get mid-way through a show on the journey to work etc. the rest of the show will be waiting for you when you return. Keep up the good work!

  • Erik

    Hey Paul & Marcus,

    As a full-time talk radio producer (and freelance web designer), I am not at all in favor of segmenting the show. Good podcasts–like good radio programs–do not gain and/or maintain listeners based on content alone. Rather, they excel based on entertainment value, which is achieved mostly by the likability and credibility of the host(s). This is where your podcast really shines. (Frankly, I wouldn’t listen to the show if not for the entertaining–albeit tangential–interactions between the two of you.)

    Radio is a unique medium because it is informal and long-winded; quite the opposite of best practices on the web. It gives the listener a sense of ‘hanging out’ with the host(s) and is most enjoyable as an experience rather than an objective–i.e. it is more important to enjoy the listening experience, however long or short it may be, than to merely listen to the entire thing.

    If you segment the show it will greatly reduce the overall experience that I find so enjoyable about the Boagworld podcast.

    That being said, I would still listen because I continually learn from your show.


  • I listen to your show every week. I like the current format. I can always fast-forward or pause if necessary.

    I enjoy the transitions from one topic to the next. They’re usually funny.

    Your loyal listener — resistant to change ;)

  • I agree with Erik above, it’s the back and forth and banter which makes the show stand out amongst others for me personally. I think you run the risk of losing that with shorter shows.

    Having said that, I realise it should in theory be more about the content of the show and how easy it is for us to consume and not necessarily whether we get to laugh at you guys or not. I suppose if the shows were shorter that should make it easier, but I don’t know if I would remember to download 3 seperate shows a week – but then again, I’m reasonably new to podcasts so I may just be slightly less efficient than the rest of you!

    I do think a lot of the commenters here are relating the idea too closely to their personal routines as well. I would suggest that it’s not really about how long your journey to work is, as much as it is about how convenient the medium of podcasts is and whether segmenting the show would throw up too much potential for confusion.

    Kean made a good point above about making the one hour show then dividing it up and giving people the option, but as he says – more work for you. I like it as it is. Hope you keep it this way.

  • Paul,

    I defiantly believe this is a move in the right direction, here is why:

    1) More focus can be given to each segment producing better quality content.
    2) Accessibility and user/task orientation
    3) More jokes… maybe

    The cons may be:

    1) Required time to produce content
    2) loss of conversation and banter
    3) devision of the show not expansion

    What I would like to see is an expansion to the show more then devision. More faces could fill different segments. 3 x 30min shows appeal to me more than 3 x 20 min. Quality, that what talks money to me.

    Again, I defiantly feel that this is a move in the right direction, but I don’t know that it is for the right reason-if you are looking to simply make the show more accessible so more can listen.

    I know you guys have thought about this more than me and you will surprise us all.

    Love the show!

  • Pam

    Listener since episode ONE !!! (so can my vote be weighted to count as 1,000,000?)

    Please please don’t change the format.

    I think a lot of the entertainment value of the podcast would be lost – and that’s a really important aspect of the show for me.


  • Paul, people hate change.

    Innovators love it.

    While I wouldn’t suggest you’re bordering on innovation, I would say that a 20-minute boagworld sounds like a great evolution. And and advantage for those of us too ADHD for an hour-long commitment.

    I listened to about the first hundred podcasts. I unsubscribed around episode 100 because of the commitment.

    I think this would be a great change.

  • Hi Paul

    I am a listen from podcast number 1. Can easily find the time to listen to the show for an hour while designing or sorting out the emails. The amount of knowledge gained is worth it!!!

    I do however like the sound of shorter shows. I have a short attention span lol.

    You could always try it and if it does not work then bin it and go back to the old way.

  • Why not just record it as 1 hour but schedule the current segments to fall near 20 minute boundaries? Then release the full version plus the 3 parts with a short intro/outro tacked onto each. Then people can listen when they like and how they like.

  • Either way is fine with me. Although, could you use the term “pants” more often this year? I’m from the U.S. and the wife and I had never heard that phrase before and think it’s great! BTW, how about a “back to top” link on the bottom of your website. I’ve noticed a back to top link less and less on websites. Has this practice gone out of favor?

  • Anne

    Love it the way it is! (Well said, Erik). But of course I will continue listening whatever you decide to do. You’ve got me hooked.

  • Yisrael Clorfene

    I have no problem with a full hour, in fact, I prefer it. But I will listen to a split show just the same.

  • Noooooooooooooooo!

    OK, perhaps I’m feeling a bit over-emotional about the whole thing (American female web designer–yes, we exist)…but I also succumb easily to peer pressure, so whatever the masses want is fine with me. I don’t mind the one-hour format because I usually listen to it while I’m at my computer working on designs and/or coding. I appreciate that it forces me to sit there for at least one full hour, even if I’m not feeling particularly productive that day. I’ve also found that if my creative well and/or enthusiasm are lacking, they’re often replenished by the time the final joke rolls around. Thank you for that…and I hope you’re not feeling too used. It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

    All that said, more frequent doses would be welcome as well if that’s what works best for you guys. I started my tiny web shop a little over a year ago, and my design and development philosophies have been shaped in large part by what I’ve learned on Boagworld. Taking the one-hour journey with you each week (meandering, bantering, and all wonderful all) has become a regular part of my education, entertainment, and sanity check. However, who knows? 20-minute segments might result in more focus, more exposure, and more efficiency. Or maybe it would just be three smaller shiny objects instead of one great big one. Either way, I’ll be listening.

    And don’t worry, you’ll make the right decision. You’ve done great so far.

  • I don’t think you should change the show, it has a very organized flow and it seems to be the perfect length for when your resting or commuting.

    I am a regular listener.

  • Mike

    Don’t change a thing. I love it the way it is.

  • Don’t change a thing. I love your audio show and have learned so much. Although I don’t commute I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill at home. I do an uphill walk while I listen, learn and laugh with you and Marcus and your visitors on your podcast. Your podcast helps me make the distance and enhances my knowledge all at the same time.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Nick Frandsen

    Hey Paul and Marcus!
    I have to say I like the original one segment once a week, maybe you could break it into three for those who want it? As a freelancer and High School student from the states I have time to listen to the full show where as more busy freelancers that possibly have families might prefer the broken down version.

    If you recorded three seperate shows I think you guys would tend to ramble less (that would be a downside I enjoy the rambling) and as some have mentioned above the enterainment aspect of the show is super important (to me at least) and I think it might be lost in the 20 minute shows, maybe I’m wrong I very well could be.

    If I don’t have time to listen to the show all at one time I usually just pause it maybe right down the time elapsed on a scratch peice of paper or in Evernote and then come back later and finish it.

    As my situation as a student and freelancer with lots of free time is probably too unique to represent the rest of listers I don’t know if you’ll consider my feedback as much but that’s my input. Keep it once a week and offer it in a seperate feed as a 20×3 show at the end of the week for those who want it.

    Keep up the good work I love the show and would listen either way!
    – Nick

    • If you divide it in 3 as someone said above 3 Jokes Marcus!
    • Also one last point I think people would tend to miss more of show by running out of time to go on iTunes (or on the site) three times a week to download the show and may on accident forget or miss a lot versus with one file I week I can just continue playing it whenever I have time.
    • For listeners that start listening in the future it might be harder to get to know you and marcus from the 20 minute segments and I’m not sure if they would understand the 3×20 layout when reviewing it in iTunes and may get confused with release dates and seeing other versions of the show.
      Maybe not! Just my thoughts.

    Good luck!

    • Nick Frandsen

      Wow sorry for the typos, it’s late here and I’m typing in the dark.

      I believe at one point I typed “listers” meant “listeners”.
      – Nick

  • My promise to myself for 2010 was to hit the gym. I’ve been told you don’t start burning fat until 30+ mins of exercising. SO your 1 hour show is perfect as I got to burn the blub for 30 mins while enjoying your whittyness and fantastic content.

    I`m in favour for the 1 hr show.

  • I am just grateful that you guys provide such an awesome contribution to our trade… and free of charge. I have always enjoyed the long format of your show, but you would not hear a complaint from me about trying something different. Your show has evolved quite nicely over the years and I trust your instincts. It could be fun to get them throughout the week rather than the agony of the whole week in-between.

    I look forward to whatever you have to offer. Happy New Year and Cheers!

  • My initial feeling was the three shorter episodes would be nicer because it is sometimes hard to commit to a whole hour. However, I saw a comment above that it would lose the chattiness and banter. The formatting is quite nice at the moment. I love how the show is organized.

    In a perfect world… I would say to cut the content down to about 45 minutes and produce more shows. However, I know that it’s a time expense on your part.

    Great job, keep up the good work.

    PS – I’m in the US and I love listening to the banter and chatty parts of the shows. It’s expanding my vocabulary.

  • What if you guys bumped the show down to 30-45 minutes? …making sure you dont go past that.

  • Stuart Wiener

    Hey Paul,
    I personally prefer the show as it is. I generally listen to it while doing a bit of work (I understand that this is not always practical for everyone), but generally I can fit it in while sorting through emails or doing little bits and pieces of work.

    I think that there is a lot of continuity in terms of content – that is later on you may reference an earlier comment even if it is in a different “segment” of the show.

    either way I will certainly continue listening to the shows – thanks for a great podcast!

  • Tony

    Hi Paul, I think maybe making the shows a bit shorter would be good. Say 30-40 minutes. I also like the Sitepoint format, where they have an interview every other week and then their panel format.

    Not that you have a panel format but maybe you could do News, Listener Feedback, Reviews etc one week and an interview alternate week. Either way it doesn’t really bother me I will listen to you guys whatever format you choose. Thanks so much for all your hard work and caring about your community.

  • Hi Paul and Marcus

    Whilst I enjoyed the show I stopped listening to the podcast about six months ago as I found it just too long. Your suggestion of breaking it up sounds great and would bring me back to the fold. If implemented, this is good news.

  • The format the podcast is in now is perfect. We are only talking 1 hour out of a week, plus you can toggle to the area of interest if needed.

    Not sure about others but I work an 8-9 hour day and tend to play your show in the background, sometimes a few times a week if there are elements of particular interest.


  • Blake Williams

    As a compulsive listener and huge fan, my initial response was of reluctance towards the changing of something I think works very well already.

    Then I thought of the 2 perspectives:

    >- people who want a shorter show could always just listen to 20 min bursts of the full length show if it concerned them.

    >- people who are stubborn to see the full length show go could still ‘save’ the new proposed sections up and listen to them all together.

    In that light, I don’t suppose it would make much difference. My revised opinion though is that the show could increase in quality, seeing as the segments will have to be focused on as individual entities – plus people who for example only like the news section could explicitly download only that section to save skipping through the hour long show.

    I myself would like an alternating bonus 10 min slot of –

    • Paul insulting Marcus
    • Marcus’s deep intellectual, cutting edge humour.

    Lecture over


  • Dan

    This is a great idea. As much as I love the current show format I do find myself zoning out at times. Splitting the show up would eliminate this by allowing me to ignore segments that didn’t apply to me or I wasn’t particularly interested in and give proper attention to the segments that do apply.

    What I’d love to see more of in 2010 is live streams. Perhaps not full shows streamed live but maybe the occasional live intervew where viewers could feed you questions to ask the interviewee.

  • Eric

    If it’s possible i’d still just listen to the long one, I enjoy the friendly banter :).

  • Already enjoy the 1 hour show. Perfect for a days commute to and home from work. Think 3×20 minute shows will just make everything more confusing. Chapter markers (as mentioned above) make more sense. How would you number the shows? Think that’ll add even more confusion to the mix.

  • Paul, I’ve been listening to your podcasts since show 43, and I love the format. and when I read you were considering a change, I thought Oh No!.

    But after reading your suggestions, three smaller podcasts would be much more digestable.

    I find that when time is tight, I will switch off and miss part of the show, so I think splitting it up would be a good thing.

    Thanks for everything you do.

    Marc Hindley
    Canary Dwarf

  • Am I missing something here? While I agree that shorter, focused segments would benefit those just interested in a certain segment, I, like others, look forward all week to that one hour or more of banter, news, interviews, reviews, etc. It’s the best web -related show/podcast on the Net today. So I’m very happy to see that you’ll keep the original show and add the new versions alongside.

    BTW (sorry for the rant), don’t most folks have a pause button, or hit stop and then start up later? Also, don’t most MP3 players have the ability to fast forward, etc.? Now if there were a way to create “bookmarks” within MP3 files, that would make those people searching for certain content happy.

    Cheers, Happy 2010 and Best Wishes.

  • I am in favor of a hybrid approach that could satisfy both sides: Divide the full one hour podcast into chapters using GarageBand. This seems to be the most feasible option because it would allow you to address the concerns of some of your listening audience without terribly inconveniencing or disrupting your current business model.

    In the same way that people purchase albums and have the option to listen to the entire unit all the way through or simply fast forward to the parts they like, dividing your podcast into chapters will give your listeners the option to hear an entire podcast or simply advance to the portion(s) of the show that are of interest to them.

  • While I can see from the comments how the shorter format will benefit many listeners, I find the existing format provides the perfect trifecta of entertainment, information and good audio quality to ease the burden for a tenth of my weekly one-hour-each-way (and then some) commute through the metro Detroit area. Hurrah for providing both options!

    Micah Webner
    Michigan, US

  • Hello Paul & Marcus,

    I’ve been downloading your podcast on and off for the last 2 years but now am doing it more regularly.

    I rarely listen to it on my commute as it is fairly short. I listen mostly at the gym and when working on my art. If I have to stop mid-podcast then I just pause it and then resume it at another time.

    I don’t mind the current format and I can see the benefits of the shorter shows but I think I would still download the longer show as it will all be in context – jokes and references in particular.

    I’m a front-end developer so I like to listen to the design and development bits as well as the news and interviews. It’s all pretty relevant for me.

    One small request which ever way you go, could you turn down the ‘volume’ on the 100th episode cheering and whistling in the intro please? It’s quite a bit louder than the other audio and can get pretty intense on the poor old ears. Thanks guys.

    Keep up the good work guys. I love the content, banter and ribbing, and Marcus’s jokes too. Cheers to you for your 200th episode.

  • I was wondering why episode 196 didn’t show up in my podcast listing on iTunes. Apparently, episode 196 is released under a new podcast name “Boagworld Bites” which requires separate subscription.

    So anybody using the automatic iTunes subscription service will need to manually add the new podcast series to their listing. Not a big thing, but anybody used to the automatic subscription service may be caught out, hence my post.

    Now successfully subscribed and downloaded – looking forward to listen to 196 on my snowy way to the supermarket :)

    All the best & big thanks to the podcast team for giving us a great podcast every week!

    • Actually that is incorrect. The reason you have not received 196 yet is because it has not been recorded. It will be released next Friday.

      Boagworld Bites is an entirely new show that hasn’t started yet. All you have downloaded is some holding audio.

    • Hi Paul – yes, very sorry, had a daft start to the day – realised my mistake a few minutes later. Suffering from acute Boagworld withdrawal and very much looking forward to the show next week! In my eagerness I mistook the 2 minute Bite for a 2 hour episode 196 … sigh, another 6 days to wait … but we know it’s worth the wait :)

  • Jane

    I’d prefer the podcast to be split into 3.

  • Marc

    I think the show is great how it is and see no need for change. I spend a lot of time listing to Podcasts and Audiobooks, so maybe my listening habits are different from most people. I agree with the sentiments of others who have said that lots of small segments would make the show seem less organic.

    Admittedly I do listen mainly for the news, however it’s nice to sometimes here unexpected stuff, like an interview that turns out to be useful.
    On a more general note, with TV and Radio going on-demand, are we loosing something when we only ever see and hear exactly what we want to? The reason I bought an iMac 10 years ago was after catching an unexpected feature about them on breakfast TV. I never usually watched that show, but I happened to be off that day, and it happened to be on TV.

    The idea that a podcast might showcase a piece of software that changes the way I work, or interviews someone who inspires me – that element of surprise is what I like.

    Either way I’m sure to keep listening :)

  • Mel

    I think it sounds like a lot of extra work for people who can’t hit “pause.” But, if you are willing to do it, and the longer versions will still exist, why not? It’s great stuff either way.

  • Jai

    Good idea, guys. I’m definitely more interested in just getting to the content and skipping the ahem witty cough banter (I’m looking at you, Marcus).

    But can the stupid joke still be at the end of the bites? Cause… I like to laugh at the joke… not at the joke itself, but at the joke because their usually just so ridiculous that I laugh at the ridiculousness of it… which, to your credit, still gets me to laugh – which is the point of a joke, right?

    • Simon

      Hi Paul, Marcus,

      I’ve been listening for a year-ish and love it. I used to spend MUCH more than an hour rummaging around the webs for news stories and now you guys aggregate it for me.. so the current format is absolutely fine by me!

      Obviously others would find the ‘bitesize’ chunks more useful, though, so it’d be great to try it out at least and see how it affects your subscriptions.

      My only concerns are for poor old Marcus who’s going to have so much more work on his plate. Marcus, will you make a new intro for each segment? How about a joke at the end of each segment, too? Or, make it 4×20 and give Lillington 20 minutes per week to come up with a decent gag (unlikely).

      Whatever you do I’ll stay subscribed and look forward to your shows each week, keep it up :)


  • Simon F

    Great idea (interesting in targetting content for time attributes not just devices) even though I will stay with the 1 hour show. Please don’t let any of this change the “infotainment” (or is that enterinfo, entertorial or someother BS term) aspects of the 1 hour show.

  • This is great guys. Thanks for adding the bite size podcasts

  • I love your show but there’s one thing that get’s on my nerves sometimes: the audio quality, I think you guys should invest a little more in that department.

  • I do have a preference for the segmented version as long as the three weekly podcasts are downloaded with one subscription and all I have to do is hit the “next” key on my Apple remote. I started with podcast #1 in late summer and have averaged slightly more than one a day to almost catch up. There are many I plan on listening to again and only wish that they had been segmented from the start, or “enhanced” as some are, with “chapters,”so that I could more easily find the segments I would like to hear again. I am not asking you to do this, but the next best thing is for new episodes to be segmented.

    I am new to the world of web design and have much enjoyed, as well as agree with, the world of web design according to Boag (and Lillington et al). The Web is still in its infancy and it needs all the sane voices it can muster, even though being sane never precludes being a bit wacky. Thanks. :-)