Children switching from TV to mobile web

The BBC reported this morning on some new stats highlighting the impact that the mobile web is having on young people.

It seems that increasingly young people are exchanging their TV time for mobile and internet time. Portable, bedroom TV’s are not being replaced when they die. Interestingly they also note that desktop PC’s are being replaced by tablets. This is a trend that we have discussed previously. If users do switch their choice of device for consuming content from desktop to tablet this is going to have a big impact on the projects that we pitch to clients. 
Young people are leading the way in this transformation and so the impact felt by content providers is only going to increase as time goes on.
This is certainly something to keep an eye on.

  • My children almost never watch TV, and show almost no interest in it.  They are much more interested in YouTube and other streaming media services on other devices.

    Any TV we watch tends to be in iPlayer too.  Still not sure whether this is generally a good or bad thing.

  • Paul – Using the laptop to watch TV shows, instead of the TV, is definitely how my kids increasingly spend their screen time.  Even on the little ipod touch, games and TV are the #1 and #2 uses. That’s probably true for most US kids.  Thanks for the heads up to developers

  • Hell! just when I was getting used to this internet thing… now is internet on a board.

  • Hell! just when I was getting used to this internet thing… now is internet on a board.

  • My kids are trending the same way. If they watch any shows, it is usually Netflix on a tablet or phone. I replaced my Android phone with an iPhone and my oldest son (too young for his own mobile phone) wanted it and now uses it as a gaming system, acquiring apps from Amazon’s app store. He rarely even plays with his Nintendo DS anymore.