Christmas needs you!

Paul Boag

Friday the 11th sees the release of a Boagworld Christmas special and we need your help to make it happen.

I hate bloody Christmas. It means I have to come up with something to do for our boagworld christmas special. If I don’t come up with something good, we will have to endure more of Marcus’ guitar playing and nobody want that.

So in order to avoid a fate worse than death, I want to ask you guys two questions:

What are your top christmas gift ideas for web designers and owners?

Obviously the Website Owners Manual will be the top of everybody’s list. But what else should you buy the web designer or website owner in your life? How about a macbook pro or an actual legal copy of Photoshop?

Post your suggestions in the comments below.

Every year I make a fool of myself by predicting the next big thing in web design. Almost every year I get it wrong.

However, this year I am turning the tables! Instead of me predicting the future, now its your turn.

Post your web design predictions for 2010 in the comments below.