Come on you cheap skates!

Paul Boag

Okay I have been doing this blog and podcast for over 3 years now. It’s about time I parted you from your cash.

Other than a bit of money from Google Adsense I haven’t made a penny from you. Every week you listen to the podcast and read the blog but what do I get in return… nothing!

Well, okay that isn’t strictly true. I get loads of emails encouraging me and it has to be said the podcast has been good for business, but that is not the point!

This christmas I want something more!

Picture of some of the kids from the Bethesda project

For a while now I have been supporting a charity run by a friend I grew up with. They run a orphanage and school in the heart of rural India (Chinnia Kalvarayan hills,Tamil Nadu). They take in kids that have no family left and teach many others who would normally have little in the way of formal education. They give these kids a chance to change their lives and to become something more. In fact they have been so successful that the children are starting to look at higher education. For example one girl called Rachel is now training to be a doctor in China even though she had never been on a bus let alone flown to another country.

The trouble is sending somebody to study as a doctor in China is expensive and they have more kids that want to do similar things. That is why I am after your money.

But I know you lot. You are hardened cynical geeks. You don’t care about the poor children ;) So ask yourself this: How much is the information on Boagworld worth to you? How much have you learnt or how much has the show entertained you? Surely its worth at least £3. Maybe even more!

Once you have made up your mind give that amount to my Christmas appeal…

Give to the Boagworld Christmas Appeal

Of course, because I only thought up this idea an hour ago I am not very organised. There is no impressive site and no fancy campaign. Just give to my paypal account and Ill pass on the cash. As simple as that. After all, you aren’t impressed by well designed websites… are you?

Why not support the cause on your site?

If you fancy going one step further than giving me all your cash why not support the cause by adding the donation link to your own site. You don’t need to call it the Boagworld Christmas Appeal. Call it whatever you want as long as people give us money!