Developer wanted dead or alive

Paul Boag

There is serious stuff afoot at Headscape and it could change your life or at the very least earn you a bounty of £500!

Although many people know Headscape for our UX work, in reality we do a huge amount of server side coding with some seriously meaty integration and development projects.

We are already looking for one developer, but now we are upping the stakes and looking for two!

Sadly our developers are so damn good that they eventually move on and the latest to depart is Dave McDermid who has been seduced by the chance to work as part of a bigger team at Wiggle. We wish him all the best (although secretly we will never talk to him again).

Dave McDermid Twitter announcement about leaving Headscape.

This leaves us with both a challenge and an opportunity. Dave is a superb developer and he will be sorely missed but his departure gives us the chance to mould a new dev team under the genius leadership of Craig.

We are scouring the country looking for two new developers to work with Craig. These guys need to be serious developers who can switch between languages like a Swiss linguist on a date with a Belgium translator.

Although Headscape is primarily a .net house we pick the right tool for the client and that can vary massively.

So would you fit the bill? Do you have what it takes? If so drop Chris Scott (our MD) an email.

We are so serious about finding the perfect people that we have decided to put a bounty on their heads. If you know somebody who would be the perfect fit then let us know. If they apply and get the position we will give you £500 for your efforts.

Just to be clear, this is £500 for recommending a friend/colleague who gets hired, not for recommending yourself! That’s cheating ;-)

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