Download Chapter 1 of 'Client Centric Web Design' for free

I am on a mission in 2012. My mission is to convince the web design community that working with clients can be enjoyable, constructive and creates outstanding websites.

A tall order I know. Most web designers complain bitterly about their clients and many have abandoned client work entirely.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. In season 3 of the podcast and accompanying book I introduce the concept of Client Centric Web Design. This methodology puts the client at the heart of the web design process. It engages with the client at every step and works with them in a collaborative relationship.

I have never been this fired up about a book or season of the show. I passionately believe that working with clients can be a rewarding process and I am out to prove it. What is more I will provide the practical tools you need to make it happen in your business.

Find out more about Client Centric Web Design or download chapter 1 for free.

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