Fancy meeting up?

Paul Boag

After a manic year of travel in 2012, I have cut right back this year. However, I am occasionally getting out and would love to meet up if you are around.

As somebody who primarily works from home, I miss hanging out with other web designers. Sure, there are the guys at Headscape, but to be frank they bore me ;-)

That is why I love conferences. They are a great chance to meet others in the same situation and learn stuff at the same time.

I have three such meet ups over the next few months and I wanted to quickly share them with you. Hopefully you will be able to attend one of them and we can get to say hi.

Altitude, Portsmouth

The Altitude website
It’s hard to believes that these guys can offer such a great line up in a stunning venue for only £40!

27th February.
This one is almost upon us, and they are unfortunately sold out. That said, this is worth getting on the waiting list.

This particular event is an absolute bargain. For only £40 you get to hear me interview Sarah Parmenter, Jeremy Keith, Mike Kus and Robin Christopherson. I can’t wait to ask these guys your questions.

Not only that but the event is held at the top of the Spinnaker Tower with superb views of Portsmouth. Oh yes, and there is free food and drink!

Add your name to the Altitude waiting list.

Smashing Workshop, Freiburg

Smashing Workshop Website
Workshops are a great event for getting to know people. Because the numbers are small there is lots of time to chat.

3rd April. In April, myself and the family are off motorhoming across to Germany where I will be giving a workshop in Freiburg for Smashing Magazine.

Part holiday, part meet up, I really cannot wait for this one. I was fortunate enough to speak at the first Smashing Magazine conference last year and fell in love with Freiberg and the people.

The workshop I am giving is all about Guerilla marketing and is perfect for anybody who wants to promote their company, app or personal brand. I have given a lot of workshops over the years and this is in my opinion the most useful.

The great thing about workshops is that its just a small number of people and so you can really dig into people’s specific circumstances. It also allows lots of time for chatting and enjoying some good German beer!

Find out more about my guerrilla marketing workshop.

Future of Web Design, London

FOWD London Website
I basically begged to speak at this years FOWD conference because I am just so excited to discuss the topic I have chosen.

13th–15th May. I am super excited about this one and basically begged to speak at FOWD this year.

Admittedly I have spoken at FOWD more than any other conference, but this year is different. This year I have a topic I am desperate to talk about and will be speaking about it for the first time at FOWD.

For me the subject has turned into somewhat of a crusade and so expect me to be in full ranting mode.

But, don’t let that put you off of attending! FOWD always has an amazing line up of speakers and this year is no exception. Also it is great because there is lots of time for socialising, so make sure you say hello.

Discover what I will be speaking on at FOWD London

Make sure you say hello

My aim with these events is as much to meet people as anything else. So, please, please say hello.

I have discovered in the past that people often don’t come over because I am speaking to somebody else and they don’t want to intrude. The problem is I don’t want to stand there by myself like billy no mates and so I chat with people I have met before. However, that doesn’t help me meet new people. I am therefore relying on you to come over and butt in!