Would you like my first impressions of your website?

Paul Boag

Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective on your website, and now thanks to Balsamiq, you can get my first impressions of your site for free.

Over the last few months, I have been working with Balsamiq on a video series called First Impressions. The premise of the show is simple. In each episode I record myself looking at a website for the first time.

I give my honest feedback, both from the user’s perspective and also as a UX professional. Part user testing, part site review, the videos are designed to share lessons in user experience best practice through the lens of a tangible example.

The first season is now complete, and you can watch each episode here. However, the reaction has been so positive that Balsamiq has commissioned a second season.

If you would like to see your site featured then, you can submit it here. Don’t worry; I promise to be gentle!

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Stock Photos from Novi Elysa/Shutterstock