Future of Web Design 2013

Paul Boag

Once again I am privileged to be speaking at The Future of Web Design, and this year it is a call to arms. It’s time to change the organisations we work for.

In the next couple of hours I am going to be stepping onto the main stage at Future of Web Design London. If you haven’t been before then I highly recommend it. They do conferences in both the UK and the US so keep an eye out for them.

This year I am talking on a subject close to my heart. Here is the description…

Are you fed up? Fed up of building great websites that fail to live up to their potential? Fed up of designing sites that take months to implement? Fed up of building sites that are left to fester and die?

Essentially I am going to try and enthuse the crowd to take a more proactive role in the future of the websites they work on. I am going to encourage them to look beyond HTML, CSS and jQuery into a world of governance, strategy and site iteration.

In short I am going to discuss ways we can change the companies we work for so they are better equipped for the internet enabled world we live in.

It’s a tall order, because I believe it will involve changing how we define the job of a web designer. Nevertheless it is necessary if we are going to drag organisations kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Web governance resources

If you are interested in learning more, check out my new web governance section of this site. It includes the talk I am going to give and a whole raft of articles to inspire you.

Checkout my talk and other web governance resources

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