10 ways to get more involved with Boagworld

Paul Boag

Boagworld is no longer just my personal blog. It has become a community. Why not get involved.

What started out as my own personal blog has become so much more and its great to see so many people keen to contribute.

If you enjoy Boagworld and want to take part there are a 1o ways you can do so.

1. Join the forum

By far the best way to get involved is to join our forum. It is full of designers, developers and website owners keen to answer your questions. You can chat about the challenges of web design or share cool tips and tricks you have learnt.

Join the forum now

Screenshot of forum

2. Suggest a topic

We are always looking for ideas to use on the show or the blog. In my experience it is you guys that have the best suggestions for topics. Why not let us know your ideas using the suggestion widget in the right hand menu.

Screenshot of suggestion widget

3. Leave a voice message

Did you know you can leave a voicemail for us to use on the show? If you are in the UK call 020 8133 5122. If you are outside the UK call Boagworldshow on skype.

4. Write a blog post

As I have already said Boagworld is no longer just my blog, it is the community’s blog. If you have a great idea for a blog post we would love to hear it. Write it for your own blog, send us the link and we will republish it.

Some of our most popular blog posts are by guest authors.

5. Rate our posts

We are always looking to hear your feedback on what we post. At the bottom of each article you will notice we now ask for your vote. Take a moment to vote for the posts you like (or dislike). That way we can improve the quality of what we post here.

What did you think about this post

6. Produce a review

From time to time we like to include reviews on the show. If you have used a great piece of software or web application why not record a 5 minute audio review and email it to the show.

7. Follow us on Twitter

If all you do is read this blog or listen to the podcast, then you are missing out. The real action happens on Twitter. There are two accounts worth following:

  • @Boagworld – This is my personal twitter account. I tend to talk about a lot of web design stuff and post daily audio web design tips.
  • @Boaglinks – As the name implies this twitter account includes lots of useful web design news and links.

@Boagworld also provides you the opportunity to chat with me, share ideas and ask questions.

8. Join our Facebook Page

Like all good online communities we have a Facebook Page. To be honest I am not entirely sure what to do with it. However, you are welcome to join. You might even give me some ideas about how I can make more use of it!

The Boagworld Facebook Page

9. Do a consultancy clinic

One of my biggest frustration is that I cannot answer everybody’s questions. One option is to ask your question in the forum instead.

However, I know people sometimes would prefer the opportunity to discuss ideas with me on a one to one basis.

The compromise I have come up with is the Headscape consultancy clinic. This enables you to chat with me via Skype and get advice on your business, while at the same time allowing me to pay my bills!

I hope you agree it is a fair compromise :)

Headscape Consultancy Clinic Website

10. Micro podcasts with AudioBoo

As I mentioned early I have also started recording daily audioboos. These are short audio posts (lasting up to 3 minutes) that you can subscribe to via iTunes. They contain advice and tips about designing, developing and running websites.

Audioboo Website

The great thing about Audioboo is that you can record your own. If you tag them with “for boagworld” we will look at including them on the podcast.


Obviously this list does not include the podcast itself, this blog or the interesting links found in the footer. However, hopefully it shows we are keen to include the community in anyway we can.

If you have other ideas of how we could include people please post them in the comments.