Getting serious about GetSignOff

Paul Boag

In October 2008 Headscape launched Getsignoff, a tool to help web designers get design approval. Like all startups we made some mistakes, but 2010 is our chance to set things right.

Like many web applications Getsignoff was started as a side project. It was built alongside our existing web design business with the hope that it might one day become an additional revenue stream.

To be honest it was an experiment. We had no idea whether it would succeed or fail. We didn’t really plan strategically for its development.

In reality it did neither. It has done ‘okay’. It generates reasonable income but has not been a run away success. We are however convinced that it has a lot more potential than has been realised.

Screenshot from GetSignoff

The shortcomings of a side project

So why has Getsignoff not reached its potential? We believe the problem is that it has always been a side project. We have never been fully committed to it. The problem with this is two fold:

The application has never received the investment in time and money it needed. There was nobody driving the product forward, developing new features and promoting it within the community. It was always fitted in around other work on the rare occasions time could be found.

It was perceived as a side project by potential users. We weren’t engaging with the community in the way we should have been. We weren’t demonstrating a long term commitment to the product that users expect. To many it appeared to be either dead or abandoned.

The irony of this is that these are exactly the kind of pitfalls we warn our clients to avoid. We constantly talk about investing in your websites long term and having a website owner to drive the site forward.

Fortunately we are finally addressing these shortcomings.

Welcoming Ryan Taylor to the team

We are pleased to announce that Headscape will be taking on Ryan Taylor to be Getsignoff’s product champion for an initial 6 month period (although we are hopeful this can be extended).

Ryan has been the driving force behind the Boagworld Podcast for some time now as well as his own show ‘Please Start From The Beginning‘. He is an accomplished designer and well known within the web design community. He is ideally placed to develop Getsignoff and ensure it meets the needs of the design community.

Screenshot from Ryan's Website

Give Ryan a head start

Although Ryan will not be joining us until the 1st of February, we are hoping he can hit the ground running. We are therefore asking you to share your thoughts on Getsignoff, both good and bad. Have you used the service? If not, why not? If you have used the service, where did it fall down and how can we improve it?

Post your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S. We are still looking for a .net developer to work alongside Ryan on Getsignoff.