Great Demo of HTML 5 canvas

There seems to be endless talk about HTML5 at the moment and particularly the new canvas tag. But what exactly can be done with it?

Yes I know we are all getting a little bored to hearing about HTML5 and in particular the near magical canvas tag that will save everyone of us. However, if you are like me and don’t really entirely understand canvas yet you may want to check out this demo from Mozilla. It really does look quite exciting.

Now of course none of this is universally available yet. However, its nice to know there is some fun stuff coming :)

  • Sweet. Really shows the power of HTML5.

    (Love the sub-title too!)

  • Actually, the URL is right there in the browser window. Just enter it and check it out live!

  • It appears you need to be running Firefox 3.6 for it to be working though!

    • Frank

      You don’t need to be running Firefox 3.6, you need to be running a compliant browser. Important distinction there.

  • I’ve heard and read a lot about HTML 5, and there is a lot to be excited about, but this is awesome. It looks like it’s time to really dig in and learn how to use this – potential browser issues be damned.

  • This is really cool, but when can we start using this in projects. I’m developing something at the moment which could use features like that. I just fear I’ll be coding in hacks to support other browser versions.

  • @Matt & all – There is a solution by moxiecode (makers of the massively popular open source tiny MCE wysiwyg editor) that uses the solution that is best available for each client based on plugins available or browser native features.
    It handles multi-file uploading, type filtering, image resizing etc. and is licensed under the GPLv2 open source license. Check it out!
    It is being considered for integration into the next version of Joomla (1.6) as the flash uploader in the 1.5 versions were broken when flash 10 came out.
    Might be worth a mention on @boagworld.