Lead developer required

Paul Boag

Headscape is currently looking for a web developer to head up our technical development work. Do you know anyone?

It’s really sad, but Mark Crawley our lead developer is moving on to pastures new. Obviously we have put out a hit on him and the Ninja from "Ask a Ninja" has guaranteed he will be eliminated within the next few days.

Of course this means we are after a new lead developer. Unfortunately Mark is going to be a hard act to follow. Mark has brought a real direction and vision to the development work that Headscape undertakes. He has built up an excellent development team that has allowed Headscape to undertake some really meaty projects full of all kinds of technical wonders. We are hoping that whoever replaces him will be able to take that vision in a new direction and move us on to the next level (whatever the hell that means). In short we want a "geek genius" of super villain proportions. Of course people like that are few and far between so it is taking us some time to find the right person. We aren’t the kind of people to settle for second best.

So do you know somebody that might fit the bill? Check out the full job advertisement for a more mundane description of the vacancy. If you do know of somebody then please let us know, we are offering a finding fee for the right person.

The slushy bit

On a personal note, I want to say how much I will miss Mark. Mark and his wife Jo have become good friends to myself and Cath, and even though I am sure we will continue to see them on a regular basis it will be sad not to be working with Mark anymore. Of course on the upside it might give our respective wives a break from the "shop talk" although I doubt they will be free from listening to us geek-out about the web.