Let's have fun and give away stuff!

Paul Boag

It’s been ages since I have given away free stuff on boagworld so thought it was about time I changed that. A few emails with moo.com later and we have ourselves a competition.

Like any self-respecting web designer/website owner/web developer I love moo.com. They do so much right from their brilliant email notifications from little moo (he deserves a fan club) to their user-friendly website. Their products are just so cool, whether it is their now famous moo cards, or little stickers that you find plastered everywhere at most web conferences. They are just one of those companies that get it.

Anyway, they have offered to give away 5 sets of their business cards (you know the ones where every business card is unique) and one of their uber-cool business card holders.

Moo business cards

Moo business card holder

So what do you have to do?

The competition is simple and doesn’t need a lot of work (lets face it although moo are cool it’s not like you are going to win a Ferrari). All you need to do is upload a photo to flickr with the hash tag #boagworldmoo.

The image has to in someway represent your feelings towards boagworld. It could be a quote, a photograph or illustration. In fact anything you like. Just something you associate with boagworld. You can put a caption under the photo if you think it needs explaining.

Be as rude as you want, but points will be given to those who suck up or make me smile ;-)

All the entries need must be in by the end of September and I’ll pick the 5 lucky winners on the 1st October and post their glorious works of art to this site shortly afterwards.

A special boagworld moo.com pack.

If we get enough entries I might even put together a special boagworld moo card set that you can buy and wow your friends with. If you don’t want your image used for this please make sure you mark it with rights revered. We will only use those marked with creative commons so we don’t get accused of speculative design! BTW, you can still enter the competition even if you don’t want your image used for the boagworld moo card pack.

So what are you waiting for, start posting images.