Logging off

Paul Boag

As you may have gathered if you have listened to this week’s podcast, I am intending to go offline for until the beginning of May.

Twitter, Flickr, RSS feeds, blogging, email, the forum and podcasting. They all consume a growing amount of my time and normally I am fine with that. I love being apart of the online community. It allows me to give something back, it entertains me and it generates work for Headscape.

However, recently I have become concerned at the number of half finished projects I have on the go. GetSignOff.com (our product for making design sign off easier) is tantalizingly close to beta. We have re branded Headscape and yet our website is horribly out of date. Finally, the book has been progressing at a snails pace for too long.

In addition I have just returned from sxsw, am hosting both the Highland Fling and Future of Web Design in the next few weeks as well as doing a panel for @Media at the beginning of May means it is time to prioritize for a while.

I have therefore decided to go offline until the beginning of May. No twitter (except perhaps while at conference), no flickr, no RSS, no boagworld emails, no forum and no podcast.

Don’t worry I will be back. I just want to experiment with a more focused working regime for a while and see what happens.

Speak to you at the beginning of May :)