Looking back and looking forward

Paul Boag

At the end of each year I inevitably get asked to contribute to blog posts that either look back at the year just gone or ahead at what is to come. This year has been no exception, so I thought I would share with you what I had to say.

Looking back at 2011

In a post for web design tuts+ that asked experts for their assessment of 2011, I wrote:

2011 has to be the year of mobile. We have seen a continued explosion in mobile web usage and the emergence of responsive design as a solution to the challenges this presents.

It is now possible to adapt any website to work better on mobile devices without excessive expenditure. Best of all, new builds can be constructed from the ground up to function across almost all devices (both present and future). This can be done at a fraction of the cost of previous solutions.

From my perspective this is a huge step forward.

Looking forward to 2012

.net magazine ran a similar post but instead looking forward to 2012 and asking web designers to predict what developments we will see emerge. I hate contributing to this kind of post because I am inevitably wrong. However, this is what I eventually wrote:

Headscape co-founder Paul Boag reckons 2012 will be the year of customer service within the web industry: “As web designers, we like to think we just build websites. We don’t. We also offer a service to our clients. We are often so obsessed with user experience, code and design that we forget other important factors such as good communication, understanding business needs and exceeding client expectations. If we are going to prosper in 2012 we need to blow our clients away, not just their users.”

I’m sure some smart Alec will be quick to remind me of this when the year finally comes to a conclusion.

The question is do you agree? What do you think were the emerging trends in 2011 and what are your predictions for 2012? Let me know in the comments.