My master plan is coming together

Paul Boag

When I decided to leave Headscape I didn’t have a firm idea of what I was going to do. Now it is taking shape and I thought I would update you.

First up, this post is not going to be of interest to everybody. I am writing it in answer to those who have asked about my plans. But it might also be of interest if you…

  • Run a digital team and find yourself struggling (especially with management).
  • Work as a freelancer or web agency owner who could do with somebody to bounce ideas around with.
  • If you run a website that is failing to live up to its potential.
  • If you need help providing a better online customer experience.
  • If you want to increase the engagement and knowledge of colleagues with digital.
  • If you have always wanted me to speak at your conference but have concerns about the cost.

A bit of background

In my last post I explained why I was stepping down from the day-to-day management of Headscape. My desire to travel with my family, have less stress and enjoy life more.

Since then I have been considering what kind of work would enable this life. This is what I have settled on.

Speaking and writing

I love sharing what I have learnt and so I am determined to keep speaking at conferences, writing articles and doing the podcast. None of these are going to make me rich. But I have introduced advertising on the podcast and found a sponsor in Media Temple to subsidise my speaking.

This means that if you are running a conference or local event and would like me to speak, get in touch. It might just be possible that Media Temple can help subsidise my speaking fee.


Talking of sharing the lessons I have learnt, I have decided to do more training. This splits down into two main areas — corporate training and mentorship.

I love helping organisations and employees better understand the digital tools available to them. Sometimes it is just a simple presentation, sometimes it is a full day workshop. Either way I am loving it.

Alongside this I am also writing training material and recording training videos. It’s a lot of fun.

The other element is the mentoring. This is where I work one-to-one with people who need a sounding board, advisor and well… mentor. Sometimes these are digital leads in companies. Other times it is freelancers or web agency founders seeking to grow their business. This has proved so popular I now have a waiting list!


Finally I am going to do consultancy work. This focuses on two areas — digital change management and improving user experiences.

Digital change management is about helping larger organisations adapt to the post digital world. Its all about putting into practice the principles I talk about in my book Digital Adaptation.

User experience consultancy is about improving the experience of todays connected consumers. Its for companies that realise the importance of the user experience, but are unsure of what needs to happen.

But not all businesses are ready for the changes digital adaptation and user experience design brings. That is why I am also doing website reviews. Identifying the weakness in existing web presences and giving advice on how to fix them.

So there you go. That is what I am intending to do going forward. If any of that sounds interesting drop me a line. I am happy to chat.