My new book is out now!

I am proud to announce the release of my latest (and best) book – Digital Adaptation.

When my first book, The Website Owners Manual, was released I felt a sense of anti-climax. I had worked on the book for well over a year, had gone through three editors and the process had been a battle from beginning to end. I must confess I was slightly disappointed with the final result. The publisher had muddied my vision and the design of the book was a disappointment.

Things could not be more different with my new book Digital Adaptation. I am so proud of it. Not only is it the best thing I have ever written, working with the team at Smashing Magazine has been a privilege. Vitaly in particular has challenged, encouraged and cajoled me into producing my best ever work.

Digital Adaptation on iPad
I was over the moon to have Veerle Pieters doing the illustration for this beautiful hardcover book.

I was also really lucky that Leisa Reichelt agreed to be my technical editor. Having somebody with such experience challenging my sweeping statement certainly helped sharpen my arguments. She has such experience and insight on the subject of digital transformation, that I would have been lost without her.

Finally I was over the moon to have Veerle Pieters doing the illustration for this beautiful hardcover book. She really has surpassed herself and I am so proud to have my name on her beautifully designed cover.

To celebrate the launch of the book, I thought I would record a little presentation that touches on some of the key topics. I felt this might be a good tool for showing to colleagues, clients or management who really don’t understand the full ramifications of digital.

If you enjoyed this presentation, buy the book!

To find out more about the book itself and to order a copy, check out the publishers page or purchase with the links below.

Buy the book (print + ebook) or buy just the ebook.

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