We are not dead. We were just resting.

Paul Boag

We need your help. We need you to tell the world we are not dead. We were only resting.

I have been at a lot of conferences this year. I’ve met a lot of people and a large number of them have told me “I used to listen to your podcast.”

The words ‘used to’ fill me with distress every time. Why did they stop? Did it get boring? Where we just old or irrelevant? Could they not stand another one of Marcus’ jokes?

Apparently it is none of the above. It was because we stopped making them. We only stopped for 6 months but that was long enough to convince people we were dead. We weren’t dead, we were only resting.

We therefore need your help to spread the news that we are alive and kicking. Please share the image below or make your own. It is time to tell the world that the parrot isn’t dead. It was just resting.

We ask you to support us in this noble cause, and don’t forget to…

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