All you need to know about the podcast's return

With the Boagworld podcast returning next week, it is time for me to brief you on all you “need to know”.

Next week sees the relaunch of the Boagworld podcast after our six-month hiatus. We kick-off with a 40 min live webcast presentation providing an overview of the upcoming season, which is about building websites for return on investment. This takes place on Thursday, 20 January at 4:30 PM UK time. To see a preview of what we will be covering in this session watch the trailer below.

We are also offering a presentation package that includes the full 40 min video and the slides of the presentation so that you can give the same presentation within your organisation.

Attend the presentation for free Buy the presentation video and slides for £9.25

The show itself

The first episode of season one will be released on Thursday, 27 January and will be on identifying your business objectives. There will be six episodes in the season, each tackling a different aspect of building websites for return on investment. Other episodes will include:

  • calls to action,
  • measuring your success,
  • becoming user focused,
  • evolving your website,
  • marketing effectively.

To listen to the show you can either download it directly from this website or subscribe via itunes.

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The forum

To coincide with the relaunch of the podcast we have also made significant changes to the forum. This includes a new podcast area where you can discuss the issues raised in each season of the show. It’s a great place to ask questions and express opinions so why not get stuck in now? You don’t even need to sign up, you can just use your Twitter or Facebook login.

Take me to the forum

The book

Each season of the show will also be accompanied by an e-book consisting of six chapters (one for each episode). The first book imaginatively titled “building websites the return on investment” is now available. Below is a Sample of the first chapter and the option to either buy the e-book alone, or bundled with the video presentation.

Buy the book for £9.25 Buy the book and video for £13.25

  • Hi Paul,
    Great news about the return of your podcast and this new format. Sounds like something I can recommend to some of my clients/associates (without having to tell them to ‘not mind/ignore’ the banter/geeky bits!).

    I’m curious to know though, these e-books, is this totally new content or is it content covered in your Website Owner’s Manual book but in bitesize chunks?


    • The content does touch on some of the same issues covered in this website owners manual but because it approaches the subject from different angles it can cover issues in much more depth. I believe that the books will still be a good buy even if you bought the website owners manual in the past. And at £9.25 it’s not exactly going to break the bank.

  • Sweet. I can’t wait for the podcast to return!

  • Hi Paul,

    Really looking forward to the return of Boagworld. It is not until something is ‘gone’ do you realise how much you miss it. The new format sounds good.

    Plus great idea to start discussing your book. Now the price of a two coffee’s in Starbucks!

  • Hey Paul.

    That’s great news. I’ve been an avid listener of the podcast for years so I’m really looking forward to listening to the show in its new guise.

    Obviously the most pressing and fundamental question here is…do we still get one of Marcus’s bad jokes at the end of each show? ;-)

  • Hello Paul,

    I am very excited to see the re-launch of the show in your new format. Although I started listening to the show around episode 100, I backtracked and listened to every show you and Marcus produced.

    Just like Darren, I am hoping each show ends with one of Marcus’s bad jokes lol.

    I look forward to listening to the show next week!

  • Paul, Glad you’re back! Does the ‘Book and Video’ bundle include the slides from the presentation?

    • Absolutely! In both keynote and PowerPoint format. You can use or edit them as you like.

  • This is great news. Although I wish the show comes out more than 6 times in a season. What is a season by the way?

    Anyway: I am looking forward to listening to your podcasts. I am – as many others – listening to the old podcasts and it strikes me how timeless the content is. Today I listened to the episode where you discuss Form Design and usability testing (from the guy who wrote Don’t make me thing & “Super-easy-chilly-dilly-Brain-Surgery-Website-design-which-really-isn’t-the-title-but-I-can’t-remember-it” :) )

    I am also looking forward to listen to the jokes from Marcus!

    Boagword – “The very nice indeed podcast for website owners and website designers, so grab a cup of tea and listen in” – or as they would say in the US: The awesome podcast for website owners and designers!

    (To explain the paragraph above: In the first episode Boag jokes about the word ‘awesome’ which they don’t use in the UK, rather they take the longer approach with the phrase ‘Very nice indeed’)


  • Len

    Good to know its back. Will miss the slightly anarchic style of the previous version, but I think this might be more useful to me.

    One request, please no whistling and cheering on the intro, hurts my delicate ears.