Podcast season 2: Getting our hands dirty

Paul Boag

I have been recording the Boagworld Podcast for over 5 years now and yet we have never built a website as part of the show. Its time for that to change.

Season 2 of the Boagworld Podcast was going to be about client centric web design. However because of Mike Kus (@mikekus) that is all going to change (so blame him!).

A change of plan

The second season was due to be all about working with clients and I still have every intention of doing that for season 3. However, sitting at FOWD I watched a brilliant presentation by Mike Kus in which he showed a time lapse video of him designing a website.

Mike Kus talk from FOWD

I love watching how other people work. Nothing is more enlightening even if you are a seasoned professional with years of experience. We all approach web design differently and you can learn so much from seeing how other people solve problems.

Rebuilding a website on the show

As I watched Mike’s presentation I thought how cool it would be to do something similar for the podcast. Obviously that doesn’t work so well in audio format but it got me thinking. What if myself and Marcus went through the entire process of building a website from start to finish. We could tackle everything from defining our business objectives to integrating the design with our CMS of choice.

I’ll get help with my crappy code!

The problem I have is that it has been a long time since I have coded a website myself. I spend so much time advising clients on their web strategy I don’t really spend anytime designing or coding. However, after nearly giving up on the idea it occurred to me that this was the perfect situation to be in. It meant we could interview experts in design and code getting their opinions about the best approach. I could learn alongside the listener!

My embarrassing code

We are back on the 9th June

I am therefore pleased to announce that on the 9th June we will be launching season 2 of podcast in which we will redesign and relaunch the Boagworld website over a series of weeks.

Rebuilding Boagworld.com

The reason I have selected Boagworld as the site to redesign is simple. First, if you are reading this you are already familiar with the site and so understand at least some of its background. Secondly, it is in desperate need of improvement!


The show will go out every 2 weeks for as long as it takes to complete the rebuild. The reason it is only coming out once a fortnight is to give me time to advance the build between shows.

We’ll make it transparent

I will make the process as transparent as possible showing both my successes and failures. I am also hoping to make it interactive with listeners participating in user testing and maybe even in the process of designing and coding the site.

To be honest I am a little apprehensive about doing such a prominent project so publicly, but I am hopeful that we can learn from each other and it can become a community effort.

So what do you think? Do you have suggestions about how the season should work or how the site can be improved? Would you like to get involved or want to recommend people to get advice from? Post your thoughts in the comments below.