Practical web design magazine and boagworld

For a few months now, I have been recording special episodes of the podcast for the Practical web design magazine, and now they have made some of them freely available to download.

The Practical web design magazine is supposedly aimed at amateur web designers, however I think its potential market is much broader. Although I have been recording these special podcasts for months now, I only got my hands on a copy of the magazine last week and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

About Practical web design magazine

The magazine has some great hands-on tutorials, reviews of useful web resources, and news/comment on the world of web design. Sure, as a professional web designer, I didn’t learn a hell of a lot coding wise, but I did find out about a number of sites that had slipped under my radar. Okay I admit it, you can find all the same information on the web, but there is nothing like flicking through a magazine and giving your eyes a rest for a while. Best of all, it’s a light, entertaining read that doesn’t tax my otherwise overworked brain. Whether you are a designer, developer or website manager I reckon this is one worth subscribing to (you can even do subscribe online).

More boagworld podcasts

In contrast, their website needs a little love and attention but it does have one good thing going for it… you can download even more podcasts. So if you just can’t get enough of my podcast then scoot on over to the PWD site and help yourself!

Get the Practical web design podcast

  • Hi Paul,
    Congrats on getting the additional podcasting business, so to speak. Do you know if there is an RSS feed for the podcast? If so, what is it?

  • I dont think they have set that up yet although I have encouraged them to do so. In the meantime subscribe to: feed: This will keep you informed when they add new articles/podcasts.

  • Congratulations Paul. I may very well be in the same issue… I haven’t been informed yet on which one, but I’ll have to buy this one anyway to get the spiffy CD :)

  • Hey Paul,
    Just curious, what’s up with the rss feed? It doesn’t always load on my google homepage. I didn’t even know about the newest podcast until yesterday because the feed information “wasn’t available”. Is that a google homepage error or is that a feedburner thing?

  • For anyone that’s interested, you can now subscribe to this podcast in iTunes.

  • Congrats…I love listening