Are you always looking for a new challenge?

Paul Boag

Headscape has a position available for the kind of person always looking for new challenges and experienced in marketing and managing startup projects.

For nearly eight years Headscape has been producing outstanding websites for our clients. However, although we enjoy delivering sites for our clients, that is not the end of our ambition.

For some time now we have been actively developing our own projects both online and off.

We have developed, a prominent source of web design information. The award winning Boagworld Podcast is the longest running and most popular web design podcast catering for all those who design, develop and run websites on a daily basis. It has a vibrant community and is beginning to generate significant revenue for Headscape through advertising.

Headscape has also developed its first product – Getsignoff. is a tool for managing the design sign off process and is aimed at freelancers and web design agencies. Initial sales have been encouraging, but we would like to grow and market this product further.

Finally we have also started running workshops and consultancy clinics to further broaden our revenue streams. As with getsignoff, these need further promotion and management to become truly successful.

We have no shortage of ideas and have put some of them into action. However, what we need now is somebody to champion these ideas and take them forward. Are you up for the challenge?

What we are looking for

We need somebody who has experience in managing and promoting startup projects. Somebody with drive and enthusiasm. Somebody always looking for a new challenge.

We are looking for somebody who could:

  • Grow and help monetize Boagworld
  • Relaunch Getsignoff and champion its development moving forward
  • Manage and promote upcoming workshops
  • Assess the feasibility of other ideas as they emerge and put together business plans for those with potential

    However, most of all we are looking for somebody who can help us shape the non service side of our business. In consultation with the Headscape directors you would form your own role, identifying and pursuing new business opportunities.

    Is this for you?

    So are you interested? No doubt you have questions. Why not get in touch by emailing Please include a CV and any thoughts you might have as to how you see the role developing.