Random News

Paul Boag

Boagworld has moved, the forum is back, Headscape has rebranded, our product is shaping up, the book is progressing and I seem to be speaking loads.

Wow! Life feels like it is moving at 100 miles an hour at the moment. I am busier than I have ever been, but it is all incredibly exciting.

Here is a random collection of the cool stuff that is happening.

The Boagworld website has moved

For a while now we have had problems with the hosting of boagworld. You may or may not have noticed it depending on how you use the site. However, the forum was particularly bad.

Well, we have now moved over to Media Temple and the site is flying. Check out the new enhanced forum and add yourself to the boagworld listeners map.

Headscape is rebranding

Setting up Headscape was an unusual process. We took a number of clients from our previous company and so was busy from day one. However, like any company, we needed things like letterheads, business cards and branding. The result was that I threw together our logo in under an hour and moved on with the next thing.

Well it is 6 years on and we are still insanely busy. However, it is time to finally get a professional to produce our brand identity. The obvious choice was Mr Hicks and what a stunning job he has done!

The new Headscape Logo

Unfortunately, because we are still run off our feet we haven’t managed a proper launch. Although Jon has provided most of the marketing material we need, the website is still down to us (we thought it wouldn’t look good if he designed that!)

However, rest assured we are working on it and it should appear before too long! What is more, this has spurred me on to look at redesigning boagworld. We will see!

Our product is coming

Part of the reason things are so busy is because we are developing a web based application. It is looking pretty good and it won’t be long before we start a closed beta. However, if you are coming to SXSW then grab me and I’ll show you a sneak peek to whet your appetite.

For now all I will say is that it will “make getting design sign off a breeze“.

The book is progressing

A number of you have been asking how the book is coming along. Well, after stalling for a while it is moving forward again. Best of all we are reaching the point where I am able to release some of what I have done for you to check out!

Also my publisher run a special scheme which some of you maybe interested in. Although we intend to give the first chapter away for free, you can also sign up to receive draft chapters as they are written. You do have to pay for the privilege but will receive the final book at the end. Think of it as being a beta tester for the book.

I’ll let you know more as things progress.


Not that I have a lot of time for writing at the moment as I seem to spend half my days preparing presentations. Here are just a few of my upcoming speaking engagements. If you happen to be attending any of these let me know (especially if you are coming to the Great British Booze-up). I would love to hook up!

So in short… I am busy! Despite that, its loads of fun.