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Paul Boag

This coming Monday Google is going to launch an in-browser video playback feature that is the next logical step in its video search functionality that has been taking uploads from anybody that cared to submit since April. However, what does all of this mean to the average web site manager?

There is currently a lot of speculation about the size of Google’s video library and their motivation for making this move. In particular, there is a feeling this is yet another attempt to undermine Microsoft this time by targeting their windows media player.

Of course, none of this has an immediate impact on those currently running a web site. However, there are aspects to this move by Google that does have immediate consequences:

Page Ranking

As you are no doubt aware, Google currently uses a range of criteria to establish the page ranking of a web site. Many of these criteria are hard to control which is why Google has adopted them. There hope is that by using independent criteria like link popularity it will make their results impartial.

One characteristic of Google’s new video search features is that it does not use their normal page ranking system but rather relies on the keywords provided by the owner of the video. Although this will no doubt change in time, it does provide a unique opportunity to get your content listed under the exact phrases that are important to you.

If you have video content that you want to deliver to an online audience, you can do so using exactly the keywords you specify. Just make sure you add your website address to the end of the video to make sure the viewer can find out more.

Free video streaming service

Probably the most significant implication of this move by Google is that in effect it is providing a free video streaming service. Organisations that do not have the money or ability to host their own streaming video can upload their content to Google and link directly to it there.


The conclusion is simple, if you have video content you have been considering putting online then now is a good time. Google will not only help you promote it they will even host it for free. That will give Microsoft something to think about!

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