Help us create season 10 of the Boagworld Show

Paul Boag

In season 10 of the Boagworld Show we are embracing the top 10 list. Yeah, yeah I know. You hate list posts. But these lists are going to be written by you.

To celebrate the tenth season of the Boagworld Show (which launches on the 25th July) we are featuring a different top ten list on every show. From the top ten usability tools to the top ten coding tricks, it will have something for everybody.

I know what you are thinking. Lists have a bad reputation. They are lazy writing and pander to the lowest common denominator. But, we are going to change that.

That is because we want you to write our top ten lists. If you have an idea for a top ten list or want to contribute to somebody else’s list, use the comments below.

Make your suggestions in the comments

Before you start grumbling about the poor old list format, just remember you can’t get a more scannable and easy to process format than a list post. Isn’t that what good copy is all about ;-)