Help us create season 10 of the Boagworld Show

In season 10 of the Boagworld Show we are embracing the top 10 list. Yeah, yeah I know. You hate list posts. But these lists are going to be written by you.

To celebrate the tenth season of the Boagworld Show (which launches on the 25th July) we are featuring a different top ten list on every show. From the top ten usability tools to the top ten coding tricks, it will have something for everybody.

I know what you are thinking. Lists have a bad reputation. They are lazy writing and pander to the lowest common denominator. But, we are going to change that.

That is because we want you to write our top ten lists. If you have an idea for a top ten list or want to contribute to somebody else’s list, use the comments below.

Make your suggestions in the comments

Before you start grumbling about the poor old list format, just remember you can’t get a more scannable and easy to process format than a list post. Isn’t that what good copy is all about ;-)

  • disqus_dxPSLVqFj0

    Top 10 least buzzfeedy top ten lists.

  • thefairystamp

    Top 10 Women in Tech to follow on social media;
    Top 10 LGBT People in Tech to keep your eye on;
    Top 10 predicted Trends that never became.. uh, trends;
    Top 10 Thoughts to implement in your client, that makes them understand the value of content strategy;
    Top 10 worst puns in the boagworld podcasts;
    Top 10 client projects that exceeded your expectations;
    Top 10 reasons why this community is extraordinary (#663399Becca)

    I could go on. :D

  • Top ten digital strategy books;
    Top ten web design podcasts;
    Top ten web agencies;

    No really

    Top ten accessibility basics;
    Top ten content strategy guidelines;

  • pdkaizer

    Since we are talking lists here how about the top ten most innovative uses of the html ordered list and unordered list

  • Top 10 Mistakes for Web Professionals
    Top 10 Client Mistakes
    Top 10 Client Misconceptions
    Top 10 Reasons to Not Use Windows :P
    Top 10 Jokes by Marcus
    Top 10 Self Compliments by Paul
    Top 10 Top 10 Lists
    Top 10 Technologies Used Across Most Projects, Eg Sass, git, etc
    Top 10 Productivity Tools
    Top 10 Conference Talks to Watch Online
    Top 10 Books to Read
    Top 10 Ways to Avoid Burnout
    Top 10 Ways to Work Less and Earn More
    Top 10 Worst Suggestions (should be all 10 in here)

  • Top 10 Must Have Items While Travelling (Eg when travelling for business)

  • mathieu Hays

    Top 10 resources to check daily as … ( Web developer, Graphic designer, Web Agency Manager ).

  • Brett Harned

    Hello Mr. Boag! I’d love to see some digital PM-specific content. Maybe something about the qualities of a good project manager, the best project management tools, PM resources (books, blog, etc). I think you see where I’m going with this. It might be a nice cross-over with the Digital PM Summit.

    • Sounds like a great plan. Perhaps you could join us for a show?

      • Brett Harned

        I would love to!

    • global_sbarnes

      I was going to go top ten client management tips / digital PM theme but oh look, greedy Harned is here already.

      EDIT: Then again, I can’t even sign in here the right account so probably best to ignore me.

    • Rich

      I agree, the qualities of a good project manager, frequency of meetings, and how to project manage from remote locations would be useful.

  • It’s not a top 10 list and it might have already been talked about previously but I think you should talk about web agencies allowing time for employee to learn new things, like allowing half a day per week to try new stuff. It doesn’t seem to be considered enough nowadays.
    This should help most of us convince our boss. Thinking about how many hours per week, per month or every n projects. Then agencies could consider having experimental project showcasing cutting edge technologies using this time building it (already exist for sure but not applied in most agencies). This concern should target the fundamentality of keeping our knowledge up to date on a day to day basis as well.

    • I am sure we could turn this into a top ten list — the top ten ways to keep your employees on the cutting edge of web design. – – – About me and this email

  • Adam Hollister

    Top ten overlooked CSS rules.
    Top ten overused design features in modern websites.
    Top ten mobile apps for web professionals.
    Top ten productivity tools.
    Top ten lists of top ten lists ;-)

  • Niki

    Hi Paul and Marcus!

    I would LOVE to hear Top 10 Tips for Starting with Analytics.

    I know analytics is SO very important for a web designer to know—at least the basics. But as a freelancer who is already overwhelmed by the amount of stuff she has to keep current with (CSS rules, UX best practices, project management, freelance admin, content planning, social media, marketing and design), diving into the world of analytics as a beginner is daunting. I’d love for a couple of professionals to just tell me where to start, what I need to know, what I don’t need to know, and what I should to be tracking for my (small business) clients.

  • DesignOrchard

    Top Ten pay wall treatments, or Top Ten Newspaper User Experiences.

  • top 10 seo tips ;)

  • Rich

    Top 10 reasons why is better for placeholder images than

  • Hi Paul

    A great book to read is Ice Cream Social about the founding and running of ben and jerry’s ice cream along with all the challenges they face(d). Also “screw it, lets do it” by richard branson – both truly inspiring.

  • James Deering

    Just listened to the top ten ways to improve mobile, have to say that I disagree with all your observations. I won’t go into detail as I am considered a troll for pointing out that the emperor is wearing no clothes. If you would like to see alternative methods that answer some of the questions left unanswered by yourself, feel free to visit

    The site costs nothing to host and uses only a text editor and W3C standards to produce. I hope you find it of interest.