SXSW Coverage 09

We are excited to announce we will be providing live coverage of this years SXSW conference

SXSW is probably one of the biggest events in the web design calendar. It brings together some of the most influential figures on the web.

However, we understand that not all of you are interested in being bombarded with tweets and blog posts. That is why we have decided to focus all of our coverage on this one page. If you want to know about SXSW 09 then this is where to come.

  • My son is off to nursery, so I can watch SXSW in peace and quiet. Great. Hope you have a great live show. England 1 – Texas 0

  • RSW

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for doing this!!! I am stuck working for some clients and can not make it this year. This helps provide some real insight.
    Thanks again!

  • Love it! Only niggle … doesn’t work on iPod as it’s flash :(